Monday, March 10, 2008

Things I love right now

Inspired by the latest round of blogs to put my own list up. Obviously I love my children and dear hubby but I won't put photos of them here, so the first thing I love right now:

Number one: Earl Grey Tea in the mug my daughter bought me for my birthday last year. It is so bright and colourful that you can't possibly feel sad when drinking from it. It's amazing because the mug isn't my usual style at all. Clever girl.

Number two: Knitting, just goes without saying that without knitting my life would be somehow a lot less enjoyable. I just want to join a knitting group now and life would be perfect.
Number 3: My pink scooter. It is so lovely and people just can't help but stare when I go past. I had it sprayed especially and it makes me feel happy just looking at it.

Number 4: Books even if I can't buy any right now. I'll live. After all I have so many still to read on my bookshelf.
Number 6: Baby rabbits, our lop has just had her first litter of lop eared babies adn they are so so sweet. This one is the lightest colour and already has a very loving home awaiting her.

number seven is being in control of my finances rather than them being in control of me. Long may it last.
Number 8 is my Tonkinese cat Peri (Sprite or fairy in Syrian) Long awaited and much loved.
Number Nine: Teddy bears. My favourite is Lavender Bear a gift from a friend afar. I just need to master getting it up the right way.

And finally Sun sand and sea all of which are in abundance here in NZ.