Friday, October 30, 2009


but no photo because it was grabbed hot off the needles so it could be worn to Christchurch down on the South Island of NZ where the temperatures are a little cooler than our Auckland norm.
Yes I finished the second piece of knitting for cute neighbour guy. And it fits him. Beautifully. He looks so hot (the good looking kind, not all sweaty) in it.

It was a simple sleeveless vest as seen in 500 Days of Summer and Couples Retreat. I had no idea it was going to be so trendy, when I started knitting it. I think I may have slightly aggravated my cinema companion when I kept nudging her to point out for the 100th time that the vest on screen was identical to the one my needles were clicking away furiously trying to finish. I don't think she cared after the first twenty times. He wanted it so badly I didn't even block it. The pressure was on, he even thought something might have gone wrong with it because it was two days later than expected and he hadn't seen me knitting it. He was right.

The first time I got to dividing for the neck I had two less stitches than expected. Usually this wouldn't faze me but with the other effort turning out too small I just couldn't risk it. So I frogged back to the armhole shaping. Away I went again, staying up late to try and make up lost time. As I started to divide for the neck I realised that I had inadvertently been following the instructions for the crew neck when I wanted a v-neck. A few choice phrases were to be heard especially as I had to go back to the armholes again. Of course the last time cute guy had seen it, only the neck needed doing, hence its disappearance for a few days while I caught up. I'm thinking these minor hiccups are protecting me from any other bad karma possibly linked to the giving of knitwear to a male someone special.

I used the Zhivago pattern book, weekend knits, a book that I have used so often it's beginning to look a little sad. Why didn't I photocopy the pattens first. I wish I had now. I didn't use Zhivago though, I used Spotlight's basics Merino, which was only $3.99 for 50g. I used 300g in total so not a bad price. It was surprising even to knit with and not at all scratchy. BUT it does mean he can't just throw it in the washing machine, however, I intend being close enough to leap to the rescue should it end up spinning where it has no right to spin.

Now though he loves it so much he wants a jumper. He really really wants a jumper.

I have, of course, already cast on. No curses here.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A trip down memory lane

The internet is a wonderful thing indeed. Thanks to an old school friend on the other side of the world I have just seen photos of me that I didn't even know existed.

I'm the small one with dark hair at the front.
Me aged around 11 or 12, at Secondary school would you believe, I look about 5!! The best thing is seeing how like me my youngest daughter looks. So scary.

Daisy age 5

Daisy aged 8

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


is they say good for the soul and while I can try to hide I know my sins will always find me out. When you choose to put things into the public arena then you have to expect there to be some kind of accountability. Thus it is with me. I asked about the supposed "sweater boyfriend curse". I explained my cunning plan to devise a way of thwarting any such possibility, but curses are not so easily fooled I have discovered. I decided as you might know to knit a sleeveless hoodie, as surely the lack of sleeves made it safe. It was safe. Very safe. After hours of knitting and even more hours of sewing up especially sewing up the pesky hood, and a lot of cursing and tweaking with the zipper to be ready just in time for cute neighbour guy's birthday, disaster struck. I was gutted. I didn't see it coming and I still can't explain what went wrong. No we didn't split up. The sleeveless hoodie zipper thing was too small. How bad did I feel, definitely smaller than Tom Thumb. I would have liked to take the offending article and crawl away to my lonely rock somewhere while I tried to work out where exactly I'd made a mistake. I measured him, I checked my tension, I knitted the correct size. But it fits me, not him. The curse clearly outwitted me.

But all is not lost, being the wonderful cute guy he is, he has very sweetly allowed my transgression to be left to gather dust, unspoken of, until today when he shows me a picture in a magazine of a guy wearing a V neck slip on vest and says, "You could knit me one of those couldn't you. You could use the yarn from the other thing to save it going to waste"

I was speechless. Not only does he still want me to knit him something, but he totally understood the concept of frogging. Not that I have any intention of frogging it. I like it far too much for that. It could have been made for me don't you think?
So I am set to cast on for the slip on vest after all I no longer have any fear of a curse. This cute guy likes my knitting even when it goes wrong, he suggests frogging and is ready to ask for more. How can we not be meant for each other?

Any good confession also has some atonement and I have already made amends for my sin. I knitted a pair, yes a pair of socks. I am so pleased with myself. It's the first pair ever off my needles.

They are knitted in Patons dreamtime 4ply which is 100% wool but very soft and cuddly. The beads were put on using a 0.75mm crochet hook rather than threading them on prior to knitting. I thought it would be quicker that was as I am way too impatient to spend time on threading. It wasn't quicker but I did enjoy the level of concentration required, thus the reason why two socks were created. Next time though I'm not using such a light colour.