Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Your opinion please

I am well aware of the saying that if you knit a boyfriend a sweater/jumper he won't be your boyfriend for long and wondered whether my bloggy mates might be able to help with a dilemma around this theme. Cute neighbour guy who has been a constant in my life for the last 10 weeks would really, really like me to knit him a sweater. I have shared the superstition with him which he believes to be utter tosh and part of me goes along with him. BUT.. do I want to tempt fate and go ahead and knit him one!! I know it would be a test of faith to do so, after all I believe this was meant to be and it is all working so nicely that truth be told I would be a bit upset should it suddenly fizzle out. Yet if it's going to last then it will regardless of a jumper, won't it? So I was just wondering whether anyone can help. he doesn't want socks or a beanie. Do I say fiddlesticks to superstition, I laugh in the face of such foolishness ha ha, or do I bow to the weight of those who have gone before and already wept their tears?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You know someone really cares when

despite not terribly conducive weather, a lawn the size of a small country a million other things they have to do and a lawn mower that's decidedly temperamental they offer to cut your grass.
It was a mammoth job, and one that I had been putting to the bottom of my very long to-do list for at least 8 weeks. Hey I reasoned more to myself than anyone who actually cared, in winter grass doesn't grow much and besides I didn't have a spare 3days, to get stuck in unless of course it involved knitting a lawn. That I might have done. I thought about bribing/threatening the children but frankly three of them are bigger than me and the smallest couldn't manage on her own. I bemoaned the fact slavery was abolished several hundred years ago but moaning didn't get the grass cut surprisingly. Then last night inspired by a glimpse of sun I decided to tackle several spiky plants the size of triffids clearly intent on taking over my home sometime in the next week and went to cute neighbour guy to borrow a spade. He lent me the spade but then came down to see what needed doing. At this point I was doing my best independent female routine which doesn't really work as I weigh less than a bag of cement apparently.

Cute guy then says, I'll do all of this tomorrow. And he did. And he told me to go and knit while he did it all. It took three hours. My hero. It would have taken me three months at least mostly because I would have been distracted after the first five minutes and got involved with something else, then I would have gone for a drink, then something to eat, then... you get the idea.
I am so pleased and excited at having a nice garden again. I even got the hammock out for a while despite it not being the best weather yet. Spring is on the way though and now I can enjoy being outside again.
But there's more if you can bear to read on. A few weeks ago we went to a DIY store, I know, not my first choice of shopping experience but cute neighbour guy wanted to choose some paint for his bathroom and he convinced me to go with the lure of pink pegs. I had a great time but alas not a single pink peg to be found. I was disappointed because I needed the pink pegs to motivate me to finish a project. Then yesterday when I called in to spend some time with my cute neighbour guy he presented me with pink pegs!!

My joy was complete. I offer no apologies for being a simple easy to please soul. So here is the finished item and a picture of the pegs.

My neighbour is awesome.