Saturday, April 24, 2010

By request

It would seem that everyone wants to be mentioned on my blog and so the time has come to talk about CNG's youngest daughter Sophie. She has been very proficient in the knitting department. i taught her last year and she has taken to the craft like a duck to the proverbially water. She is a natural. She has completed a scarf, a rabbit that she thinks is retarded but seriously is just cute. She's currently working on a monster from the Osbourne Learn to Knit book and a scarf for her teddy bear Snuggles. What a girl.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happiness is....

Finishing a sweater and having it appreciated. Appreciated by not just the recipient (CNG) but also by his teenage daughter, praise indeed that she has taken to wearing it almost constantly since its completion. However my heart did almost miss a beat when I espied her wearing my handiwork whilst she was cleaning cars at the local garage. I must remember that what happens to my knitting after it has been gifted should not be cause for panic. People are allowed to do what they want in it. However the hole that was discovered that evening was not met with such grace I have to admit.
CNG being utterly fantastic then decided that the sweater curse must truly have been averted due to his sweater being utilised by daughter and that as curse was now defunct I should have no problem knitting a second or even THIRD sweater. I happen to think he might just be right.
We went the next morning for him to choose the yarn and pattern for the next one. He chose a jumper done entirely in Medallion rib, (rib is not my favourite stitch but hey if it looks good on him) and he chose a multi yarn, Cleckheaton Paintbox, in browns and charcoal. It looks fabulous and so long as I dont think about the 76,000 stitches in it I can hold onto my sanity.
Since Saturday I've managed to knit up to the armholes on the back, but the rest of my life is falling by the wayside so it might be time to get some semblance of balance back.
I will post pictures if teenage daughter happens to be around when the camera is.