Monday, April 16, 2012


I had forgotten how much work was involved in caring for one kitten, let alone two of them..  It seems that they are into everything.  They like to chew the laptop and my iPhone.  They especially love the cables,  they whizz from room to room at full pelt chasing and hiding, leaving a trail of debris behind them that is knocked over the second it is put right.

You can go nowhere without an audience of at least one if not three.  Pearl fell into the bath the other day after a tussle for space on the side where all three had perched to watch.  Jasper is constantly being shut in cupboards because an open door is an invitation right!

But they are so adorable and so much fun.
Thank goodness I have Amber who has slotted into her new role as surrogate mum as if she were born to it