Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I wish

I had some knitting news to share but sadly I have been terribly slack in the yarn department. I have three projects on the go, a second sock for middle daughter,a pink beaded affair that is progressing in minute increments. At the current rate she may be able to pass it on to a daughter of her own, or possibly a grand-daughter.
Then there's the sweater for you know who that is in abeyance because of the you know what curse. Let's not give fate any more ammunition at this point. A cease fire has been declared and it maybe wise to build up stocks and reconstruct before facing another onslaught.
And last but not least I am knitting a top for a friend. I started out very enthusiastic and willing, the project isn't complex and the back was knitted in days, but now I am procrastinating like a greek philosopher over finishing the front.
It is a lesson to be learned here that agreeing to knit for someone else is likely to end in tears, probably theirs.