Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Return from AWOL or in wool

It's been a while I know and words turn slowly as I settle back into this way of writing. I wonder whether wit can dry up and if so what would we use to moisten it once again. Would wine be a fine lubricant, a warm Merlot to loosen the mind and let language flow,or maybe a Chai Latte would be more refined, spicier and more cultured inspiring thoughts and words of distant places, but then again nothing seems to me to be more refreshing than a well brewed cuppa. Nothing in my mind beats tea.
I had the great delight in being treated to a very fine cup of tea the other weekend. We went for a drive and found some old fashioned tea rooms. I choose the high tea, complete with triangle sandwiches with no crusts and of course scones with jam and cream.
Deliciousness on a plate and on the palate. My beverage of choice was tea, but this was a tea of truly heavenly taste sensation. Named Girly Grey it embodied all that is perfect with Earl Grey and Lady Grey with just a hint of juvenile cheekiness. There was lavender under tones that quite took me to another level altogether.
This in itself was wonderful enough but the tea rooms also had for sale the cutest pink teapots, and I was lucky indeed to have one purchased for me to allow my further enjoyment at home. Sometimes the littlest things make the biggest impact. It was a happy happy day.

Of course it's not all about tea there has been plenty of knitting going on. Babies appear to be the order of the season, must be something to do with the weather, and so a few wee bits have winged their way off the needles at a rapid rate.

This is just one of the mini items, made from crofter yarn and using a Sirdar bamboo pattern it's adorable.

More knitting news soon, and I am seriously counting down the days to August when this yarn diet will at last be over. Never again will I do this to myself. It's been the worst kind of torture ever and despite having knitted a whopping 4kg of yarn I'm being to feel like going crazy and buying tonnes and tonnes just because I've been good for so long, so that kind of defeats the purpose. Staying strong for another four weeks though. I can do it.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Today is a great day. He was found guilty of all seven charges and we are at last free.