Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The things kids say

This week has been crazily busy and I am suffering withdrawal symptoms from lack of blogging activity. I really miss my daily dose of fun and laughter and have decided to do my best to visit a few and quell my addiction for a while until I get back to regular doses.
So in order to be quick I want to share something that had us laughing in our house. Our seven year old daughter was looking through the desk diary and came across the personal information which we had left blank. Being quite a precise little soul she immediately wanted to fill in the answers. Name, address, telephone, no problems. Blood group she happily accepted the answers 06 and 96. Then it went into renewals. Passport, medical, dental, all easy enough. Then a moment's silence. The next words were, " Mummy when's your next Flu Vacation."
I not sure if that's when the flu leaves for its summer break or perhaps it's the next time we fly? When we stopped laughing to check we saw that she'd misread vaccination for vacation.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just horsing around

Mouse just loves animals. She's a very friendly dog and likes nothing more than to take a trot around the room on her very own horse.

But as every horse man or woman knows riding is exhausting work

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Take two

I love my bell curve skirt so much that I just have to have another one. It's such a versatile piece. I didn't think I would like a knitted skirt. I mean there are lots of saggy droopy images that spring to mind when you think of wool and a skirt, but the bell curve is just great to wear. It feels feminine and stylish. With a t-shirt it does for hanging round the house, add a shirt or a smart jumper and heels and it takes you on a more formal setting. It looks good all day, doesn't crease and surprisingly doesn't get too warm. I have learnt to watch my rings as they might just get snagged. I have worn this skirt four times already and the only thing I wish is that I had lined it. Having said that I am going to line it, when I figure out how to do that, as I currently have to hear a slip with it.
So bell curve take two is going to be red. It will match all the grey items I currently wear with take one. It's Pride which is a crepe which means it has a bit of a sheen to it and it can be a little splitty on the Knit 5 togs but it seems fine so far.
I can't wait to wear bell curve take two.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dogs on Thursday bath night

Mouse on Thursday.

DH thought that Mouse smelt less than sweet after a couple of nights playing with her doggy pals on the beach. So just like a baby I put her in the kitchen sink and gave her a bath. She's very good and doesn't create any fuss. In fact despite her face I say she almost enjoys it. Or maybe it's the big treat she knows is on her way, or the snuggle on my lap while I towel dry her.

The look is her long suffering one as I suddenly remember I didn't get a towel ready and have already tipped the water away. Thankfully I have a helpful daughter to hold her while I go rummage.
No sink was harmed in the bathing of this dog.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

It's time

To show you the skirt I've been working on. I took it to Melbourne and did a large part of it there so I guess it will always have a special place in my heart for that reason alone. It also has the distinction of being one of the few finished pieces that I am truly happy with. It wasn't the easiest of knits, the stars were complicated and awkward to master, but thankfully there were three plain knit rows in between each star row so some relief there.

It's called the Bell Curve Skirt and is a free pattern from Knitty winter 2007.

I love the drape of this, but have to tell you that it took me quite a while to find the right yarn to complete this project. I couldn't get the orginal yarn so I started with Touch a NZ blend of merino in an 8ply. I loved the colour, deep hues of purple with flecks of emerald green, but it just didn't look right. I frogged it and then tried a bobbly yarn in a sage green, this time it was texture that didn't sit right. Not to mention being pretty darn tricky with the stars. I couldn't really move on from the original coulour which was grey. DH was very long suffering as we trawled all the LYS in the area in my hunt for the perfect grey yarn. Well any grey yarn. I found it eventually in the shop on my doorstep. It was Sirdar Countrystyle. I only needed three balls as the meterage was huge, 318 per 100g. If I'd made the skirt an inch shorter I would have got away with just using two.

The pattern came from Knitty
Also Claudia of Mr Puffy has made her own Bell Curve skirt and it just looks super cute on her.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tour of Melbourne

Melbourne made an impact on me from the moment I landed at the airport. I was a bit blown away by how much it made me miss England, so much of its architecture wouldn't have been out of place in London, Liverpool or Oxford, but Melbourne is different. It's like England but with a twist, it's like New Zealand but with more buzz. I loved the place and can't wait to visit again.

Melbourne literally buzzes and pulsates with energy, good wholesome, positive energy. From the rumble of the trams to the hum of the trains life is always on the go and yet it doesn't feel frenetic or stressful.

Melbourne is just such an easy city to be in. You can walk around it and because it's on a block system you can't get lost and very quickly get your bearings. Important for a map impaired person like me. There's a free tram that takes you around the perimeter of the city centre and gives you a commentary on the main sites of interest. Or you can catch the free shuttle bus which goes a little further out. Both are a great way to see Melbourne and you can hop on and off when you like making it perfect for exploring in more detail. It was busy but never aggressive or uncomfortable. You can walk around and savour the cosmopolitan delights of the many cafes. I could not resist a trip to Koko Black where they pour hot chocolate from a pot. Belgian chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate, you get the general idea that there's a lot of chocolate. Simply heavenly.

I only had four days, one of which was spent with my friend from the UK. We hadn't seen each other for four years and it was so good to be able to catch up. She also took me on a whistle stop tour of the Dandernongs, allowing me to see that Australia is a tad greener than I had imagined. I could have happily spent several more days exploring Melbourne. There were so many buildings, statues and let's not forget the shops that I think anyone could take at least a week to exhaust Melbourne's delights.

Parliament house was at the top of the road where my hotel was. I ran past it each morning on my daily run. It's a pretty impressive building, if a little disconcerting to see police on the steps with their guns in holsters.

Cook's cottage in Fitzroy gardens was tiny. Barely two rooms. The gardens themselves are like the rest of Melbourne a blend of the traditional and the more modern, paths zigzag every which way and it takes several hours to discover all the hidden delights. I could go on but I am in danger of sounding like a tourist board advertisement for Melbourne. If you get the chance to visit do so, you will have a great time.

On a knitting front I have finished my Bell curve skirt, pictures to follow soon. I knit it on the plane to and from Melbourne but not much while I was in Melbourne as I was too busy gawping at everything I saw. It looks good and I want to make another one, but with a few adjustments. I'll say what these are when I post pictures.

And finally after what seems like ages I am pleased to announce the winners of my 100th post giveaway.

The winners of the 100th post giveaway are Some of a kind and Jane of Crafty Conundrum Well done ladies, if you drop me an email with your postal details I'll get the items packed up and sent off.
Enjoy your week everyone.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Melbourne was great

I had the best time ever in Melbourne. I cannot tell you all in one post how much I loved the city. It's so difficult to even know where to start. It was just fabulous and I am already planning which bank I shall rob in order to fund a return visit very soon.
Tomorrow I shall announce the lucky winner of the 100th post giveaway.