Saturday, February 28, 2009

Giving up for Lent

I told everyone I was giving up NZ for Lent but they all said it didn't count as I wasn't leaving until two days after Lent started and would be back two weeks before it ended. Having landed in Singapore on route to Manila I agree, how can I possibly be depriving myself when I am having such fun. I guess it will have to be Coke Zero and chocolate after all. At least my family will not be harmed in the course of this lent as they are still in NZ.
I was also super organised and bought the Easter eggs before I left NZ. I hope they don't melt while I'm away.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Off to Manila

Things will probably be very quiet aroud here for the next four weeks. I'm off to Manila to teach instructional techniques to the defence force over there. I am really looking forward to the trip but can't guarantee how much time there will be for blogging. Looking forward to catching up with everyone in April.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Note to self

Despite a generally feeling of buoyancy, and over elation, described by those less empathetic or maybe just brave as over animation I have learnt this week that I do not bounce well.
It came as a bit of a shock to me to find that when confronted with the business end of a piece of wet tarmac, the tarmac wins. I would never have laid bets on that one. Me the invincible would surely merely skim the surface rising unscathed while the tarmac would be left crushed and dented. Alas no. I took a corner on my motorbike and lost traction due to a combination of rain and oil residue on the road and the scooter skidded. I thought I might be able to ride it out, but the lean was too great so the bike and I parted company while I introduced myself to the road. I'm not overly impressed with road's manners, a bit gritty for my liking so I won't be heading back that way any time soon. No real damage done, A few bruises and a partially dislocated shoulder, the bike needs to be touched up all along the left flank. Thank heavens for protective clothing.
Other note to self
It is good to be alive.
This morning As I walked with Mouse to the village I took the time to enjoy the moment. It was a beautiful morning, I smiled at everyone I passed and bid them all a chirpy good morning. I care nothing if they choose to think I'm the nutter of Devonport. I bought a coffee and sat drinking it and reading a magazine, no rush, no hurry and when I was ready Mouse and I continued our walk.
It was such a simple pleasure, the feeling of a new day before me filled with promise and expectation. Being still and not moving into the next moment without having fully lived this one. Meeting good friends and knowing that I was loved. Greeting strangers that they might know they were loved. What a great day.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentines means

I can hardly believe my baby is eight, and my big boy is nineteen. It certainly doesn't seem nineteen years ago that I was a very proud and nervous new mum, gazing in wonder and trepidation at the squirming red bundle I'd been given. We've had lots of fun and a few tears along the way, normal family life and it can't have been that bad can it as I repeated the whole experience another three times.

I may have been trying for one with a head?
And then to get another baby 11 years later born on the same day. Definitely npt the way it was planned. I had rather hoped for an Easter baby.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Have you ever

bought something, got it home and then the item vanishes into thin air? Unfortunately I'm not talking about the kind of things that disappear because we've eaten them. Although I've done that heaps of times.
I went out on Sunday and broke the resolution of no yarn buying until stash was used up in order to put something away for my trip next month. I could have used stash, but nothing felt quite right for a trip away and it had to last a month. So I discussed with my favourite shop assistant in my favourite yarn store and a decision was reached. I would buy some denim blue Serenity to knit a T-shirt with as I already had the pattern. It was then agreed that I would have a second project's yarn ( from stash) posted halfway through my trip. I'm sure you can all see why this assistant is my favourite.
I know I picked the yarn up. I remember it being there when I had a coffee and I took it out of my bag to show. I know I put it away in my bag when the food arrived and I vaguely recall putting it somewhere safe when I got home. I put it somewhere safe so I wouldn't be tempted to cast on for the trip project before I actually went on my trip.
However I tried to find the yarn on Monday and though I searched high and low, and in every possible location the yarn has vanished.
I even went back to the coffee shop in case I had left it there but nope.
Somewhere there's a little borrower with enough yarn to make hundreds of borrower blankets. They also have two pink pads and two packs of coloured pens that arrived at work were handed to me and promptly disappeared.
It wouldn't be so funny except I actually teach memory skills so you'd think I'd be able to remember what I did with them.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Long weekend

Another long weekend here in NZ and the plan is for lots of swimming and chilling. The kids are busy covering all their books ready to go back to school. I must be showing my age as I mentioned how we used to use old wallpaper to cover my books and was met with withering looks of utter contempt. How times have changed.
The urge to knit, indeed do anything very crafty seems to have gone for a short nap. I have plenty of yarn, plenty of patterns and while I am happy to spend hours browsing all the possible things I want to make when it comes to getting stuck in, I just don't feel the need. I guess crafting was a little bit of distraction therapy, or a way to hide from the situation that isn't necessary anymore.

But I haven't given up entirely. I have a lilac skirt on the go which is 3/4 finished and I picked up this book from the local library and immediately knew, as you do that I had to have the peg bag.

It's an absolute necessity. The fact that my pegs live in a basket permanently attached to the line is no deterrent.
I have used a wool blend that was sent to me by my magazine swap partner last year and I am loving how the colour combo is working out. But then again they are my favourite colours.

Do you like the tablecloth? It's another new addition to the household.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hopes and dreams

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately, a little like Pooh bear who once said sometimes I sit and think and sometimes I just sit. I've just been thinking. Thankfully I took all necessary safety precautions because everyone knows that it is often thinking that will lead you into some serious trouble. But what did I think.
I though about how happy I was, and how amazing it was to feel so happy. I thought about how incredible feeling happy made me feel, and that I wish I'd known what a high it was to feel like this. I hope this isn't getting too deep for you. If your head hurts already you may want to take a short break and go lie down till you feel better.
The really big thing that I thought though was what had made me happy. You see this is the wow factor for me. I had made me happy. Me. Not money or a big house with a pool or kids who tidied up all the time or a fast car, or a pay rise or a long holiday. None of those things have yet to arrive, although I do hope they're on order somewhere. My happiness was about being me and realising that I have so many good blessings and so many opportunities that it was impossible to do anything but be happy.
Honestly I seem to have a permanent grin on my face like a 500 mega watt torch light. I want to shout and sing and dance and laugh all at the same time. So I want you to all be happy too.
I am going to be creating myself over the next few months but number one is to act like I have already got everything I need, because I think I have. I really hope that you do to.