Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hopes and dreams

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately, a little like Pooh bear who once said sometimes I sit and think and sometimes I just sit. I've just been thinking. Thankfully I took all necessary safety precautions because everyone knows that it is often thinking that will lead you into some serious trouble. But what did I think.
I though about how happy I was, and how amazing it was to feel so happy. I thought about how incredible feeling happy made me feel, and that I wish I'd known what a high it was to feel like this. I hope this isn't getting too deep for you. If your head hurts already you may want to take a short break and go lie down till you feel better.
The really big thing that I thought though was what had made me happy. You see this is the wow factor for me. I had made me happy. Me. Not money or a big house with a pool or kids who tidied up all the time or a fast car, or a pay rise or a long holiday. None of those things have yet to arrive, although I do hope they're on order somewhere. My happiness was about being me and realising that I have so many good blessings and so many opportunities that it was impossible to do anything but be happy.
Honestly I seem to have a permanent grin on my face like a 500 mega watt torch light. I want to shout and sing and dance and laugh all at the same time. So I want you to all be happy too.
I am going to be creating myself over the next few months but number one is to act like I have already got everything I need, because I think I have. I really hope that you do to.


Kitty said...

Lots of words of wisdom there Alison. I'm so pleased you have made yourself happy - long may it continue. I think 'attitude' to our lives and our circumstances has a LOT to do with our happiness 'levels'.

Take care. x

Channon said...

Well-said. You are what you think.

The Vintage Kitten said...

What a lovely post. So nice to hear about someone who has looked at the positive side of their life rather than focus on the negative, like most of us do. Alot of us moan about 'stuff' when there is always someone worse off and lets face it do any of us really have things to be unhappy about? I dont mean the big serious issues, but just day to day stuff that isnt worth being miserable about. Good for you X

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Very nicely put! Good luck to you on your journey!

Thimbleanna said...

Awesome post Alison! It sounds like you've finally made the decision that you've been waiting for to make YOU happy. Good for you!

Danette said...

HAPPINESS is a true blessing! I'm a person who is happy with myself and my life also!:) Attiutude is 100% of everything!
Keep smiling & singing!

Renee said...

Being happy makes all the difference!! :)

LizzieJane said...

Lovely post Alison, isn't it nice to figure it out that it isn't things that make you happy,
but you yourself.
What a lovely place you are in right now.

Willow said...

Such an encouraging post! I am very thankful that you have made this step in your life. Your children will learn from you.

Adrienne said...

Ahhh ... so true. One of my hubbbies favorite sayings is 'When you die, you can't take it with you." So when we start to get that itch to keep up the neighbors we remember what it is that truely brings happiness.

May you continue to be happy!

Alison Gibbs said...

Alison I think you are enjoying your 'new found freedom' to be who and what you want to be!!