Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How did life get so complicated

So for a while I was happy, things were going great.  My job was brilliant, challenging and fun, my husband was attentive, funny and just right for me, my daughter was turning into a wonderful young lady.  Then we decided to buy a new house and seriously it's as though everything has gone crazy.  I know they say moving house is amongst the most stressful events in life, but this is silly.
It's not as though I hate my home, quite the opposite in fact, I love my home, it looks perfect, it's the right size and I have worked hard to make it look just the way I want.  So why are we moving?
It all started with Grandma.  She lives some distance away and needed to move closer.  I understand that, I wouldn't want to be alone in my old age. So we began looking for her and nearly died at the price of units and apartments and came to a conclusion that if we were going to become paupers then we should at least gain some benefit from the process.
Thus began the house hunt.  I would prefer to be tracking a serial killer.  I think it would be more exciting and infinitely less stressful.
So I have looked at houses that I wouldn't let my dog live in, houses that are way beyond hideous, houses that look good but don't tick the other boxes.  Land good only for  burning, land which is unsellable, land which is simply not us. Places that would suit us but not Grandma. And so it goes on.  Not even mentioning the whole driving zillions of miles between places. In the heat.  It all adds up to a lack of fun and a lack of time to knit.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Knitting Progress

January is nearing an end, hard to believe that in just a few days we will be into February already.  It is true time does fly unless of course you are waiting for something and then it seems to go agonisingly slowly.
Still I have managed to achieve a few things this month.  I finished the knitting part of the pink cardigan using the wool my mum sent me.  I have sewn up one side and halt the other, so it's almost done.  Having discovered that with my dear hubby's jumper I had knitted the front and back of one style and the sleeves from another style I can safely say I have completed the knitting part of  that project.  I will sew it up and it will become a sleeveless vest.  Not quite what he was hoping for but such is life at times.  Technically hubby isn't a vest man but let's just say he is a man in love and so I am confident that it will be worn.  So I have managed to keep  my new year resolutions so far.  I have my pink Noro cardigan to finish and that's will be the main focus for the next few weeks.

I have started two new projects, a green hoodie for a special friend and a grey sweater for my special  man.  Let's hope I can make these two without any mistakes.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

pink Cardigan

I am knitting, I am knitttng with pink yarn, but I am not excited by it.  I have almost finished the Clanger because it was very small and easy.  I need to find some pink pipe cleaners to make the fingers and to shape the ears. I am not excited by this clanger though.  I will be happy to finish him and to hand him over to his new owner and pleased to have brought some pleasure to some ones day. But my days are a tad lack lustre, the shine which I usually pride myself on finding in each moment is not there.  The joy that comes from feeling right with the world, is not mine at the moment.  This is a problem, because usually knitting fixes this for me, I makes me feel better and allows my brain to stop going so fast. But it's not working right now.  NO indeed it is not.  What to do?  Perhaps a break is needed?  Perhaps it's just about finding a project that is exciting?  Or perhaps I just need the school year to start do I can get back into the groove and routine that will allow me to think again.  I have loved the holidays but they are beginning to feel endless and I am beginning to feel guilty that they have not been filled with exciting experiences but have instead been spent you tubed and mine crafted to the max. It probably wont make any difference in the long run.  I think there is a memory wipe that occurs at regular intervals so that children conveniently forget all you have done for them and with them in order for  them to participate in being a teenager and hating you with every ounce of their being.

Friday, January 17, 2014

The post Christmas Blues

Nothing quite deflates like the feeling of having to go back to work while the sun still shines and the schools have yet to drag reluctant students into the classroom for another round of drilling less than thrilling instruction into their heads.
It's not that I don't want to work although it is much more fun to work with a sense of purpose and the beginning of the year can seem a little indirected.  I am trying to read and prepared myself mentally but the lure of the sunshine distracts me and I long to take my work and recline in a hammock sipping on something cold and fruity.
Of course I know the reality is that I would only be able to sit like that for a few minutes before my natural propensity to be doing something active would kick in.

I have at least a new mantra for this year and it's about time.  I always feel as though I am chasing my tail.  I want to do so much and am perhaps often, well maybe always, on the generous side  with my expectations of what can be achieved.  I can knit a jumper, make a clanger, fix some place mats, embroider a birth chart and keep the house immaculate and prepared a delicious home cooked meal.  In the same day!  Perhaps my parents came from some far away planet where time is double the span allotted to earth.  That would explain why I try to fit so much in.
So this year I am not going to say I have no time because I think it's more about priorities.  There are things that I love to do, and there are things I have to do.  it's the things I have to do that steal time away from the things I love to do and I need to better at balancing those and creating a more even distribution.  Yes I love to knit.  I am perfectly content to put on a season of a show I like and then knit away.  But I have to realise that I will never reach the end of the list of things I want to knit, although perhaps I may reach the age when I can no longer knit.  This is sobering.  So I will prioritise the things that bring me pleasure whilst allowing space to do that which must be done.  Of course that means eight hours of work a day.  Ho hum.

Friday, January 10, 2014

I'm going to knit a clanger

No I really am going to knit a clanger I liked the show as a child and then agin when my first three were little before Fireman Sam and Bob the Builder muscled in. I didn't notice though that the clangers were knitted.  I can't think why I didn't notice something important as as that.

What really annoys me is that the Clanger and Soup dragon knitting patterns are available as ibooks in the Itunes store but only in the UK.  Really because nobody in the rest of the world wants to knit a clanger.  Well that's just totally wrong.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

First finished item for 2014

I made another skirt.  I know it seems that I have a rare and pretty useless talent for designing and  knitting skirts.  Ok maybe not really that much of a talent considering some of them have been less than wearableI have made several skirts, two of the Bell curve skirt which I now have no idea of their whereabouts so that clearly indicates how successful they must have been. My favourite a black cotton skirt, a greeny/grey cotton skirt, a brown bamboo skirt, which actually has always been less than satisfactory because the length is wrong and I can't find any more of the yarn to fix it. a blue skirt and now the latest creation a multiway.

The blue skirt is made from Sirdar's Snuggly Baby Speckle DK is a cotton-rich blend made with 60% cotton and 40% acrylic and comes in a range of beautifully soft and speckled shades. I decided on a 2x2 rib pattern and away I went. we all know I am not the most patient person in he universe so it will come as no surprised that I grew bored with the skirt and decided it was quite long enough. Having cast off I then crocheted a scalloped edge to the skirt which I love and think adds a feminine touch. I then discovered that the skirt was way too short for a woman of a certain age to wear. Stink. Double stink. but my newly honed crochet skills came to the fore and I simply crocheted the waist band to add length without disturbing the scalloped edging.

The multiway is knit from Elle Stretch which I bought many years ago to knit eldest dear daughter a dress.  We bought several colour-ways as in the shop she couldn't decide which looked best.  I love the simplicity of these skirts and I am pleased with the flounce that I made up as I went along and which I finished with a picot edge.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Xmas cats

 Any one who has followed this blog will know that I can occasionally be a little obsessed with my animals.  They are an important part of me and now that the children are growing up and leaving home these furry friends are even more central to my life.  After Peri died I was bereft.  He left the hugest hole in my heart and my life, more than I would have ever thought possible.  even now almost three years after his death, I still cry occasionally and miss him terribly.

But I was fortunate enough enough to be blessed with two kittens Pearl and Jasper who grew up and produced two gorgeous litters of kittens.  The first litter was a little fraught as we were away for the weekend when Pearl went into labour.  We returned home to just one kitten that Pearl was completely uninterested in.  When I tried to get her to feed the wee kit, she bit his tail and kinked it.  patiently I managed to get her to feed the kitten and he became know as Buster or baby cat.  He is hte darker and larger cat.  Baby cat slept with us from a few days old because Pearl decided if she was going to have to look after this creature then it would only be next to me. Naturally having virtually reared this little fellow there was no chance of him ever leaving.

The second litter was more successful only a little quicker than we had planned due to an accidental leaving of the cats together at the wrong time.  How accidental I will never know but perhaps one day youngest daughter will confess.  This litter produced four beautiful healthy kittens, three girls and one boy. Ollie was promised to a friend from the start and for 8 weeks I kept myself from falling in love with him even though he reminded me of Peri at every moment.  For 8 weeks I managed to believe he was going to live with my friend, but she couldn't take him until he was 16 weeks old and when the other litter mates went, he bonded with us.  So Ollie had to stay too. 

I love all my cats I really do, but Ollie is something special, not a Peri replacement for there could never be one of those but he's certainly up there.