Wednesday, January 8, 2014

First finished item for 2014

I made another skirt.  I know it seems that I have a rare and pretty useless talent for designing and  knitting skirts.  Ok maybe not really that much of a talent considering some of them have been less than wearableI have made several skirts, two of the Bell curve skirt which I now have no idea of their whereabouts so that clearly indicates how successful they must have been. My favourite a black cotton skirt, a greeny/grey cotton skirt, a brown bamboo skirt, which actually has always been less than satisfactory because the length is wrong and I can't find any more of the yarn to fix it. a blue skirt and now the latest creation a multiway.

The blue skirt is made from Sirdar's Snuggly Baby Speckle DK is a cotton-rich blend made with 60% cotton and 40% acrylic and comes in a range of beautifully soft and speckled shades. I decided on a 2x2 rib pattern and away I went. we all know I am not the most patient person in he universe so it will come as no surprised that I grew bored with the skirt and decided it was quite long enough. Having cast off I then crocheted a scalloped edge to the skirt which I love and think adds a feminine touch. I then discovered that the skirt was way too short for a woman of a certain age to wear. Stink. Double stink. but my newly honed crochet skills came to the fore and I simply crocheted the waist band to add length without disturbing the scalloped edging.

The multiway is knit from Elle Stretch which I bought many years ago to knit eldest dear daughter a dress.  We bought several colour-ways as in the shop she couldn't decide which looked best.  I love the simplicity of these skirts and I am pleased with the flounce that I made up as I went along and which I finished with a picot edge.

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