Friday, January 17, 2014

The post Christmas Blues

Nothing quite deflates like the feeling of having to go back to work while the sun still shines and the schools have yet to drag reluctant students into the classroom for another round of drilling less than thrilling instruction into their heads.
It's not that I don't want to work although it is much more fun to work with a sense of purpose and the beginning of the year can seem a little indirected.  I am trying to read and prepared myself mentally but the lure of the sunshine distracts me and I long to take my work and recline in a hammock sipping on something cold and fruity.
Of course I know the reality is that I would only be able to sit like that for a few minutes before my natural propensity to be doing something active would kick in.

I have at least a new mantra for this year and it's about time.  I always feel as though I am chasing my tail.  I want to do so much and am perhaps often, well maybe always, on the generous side  with my expectations of what can be achieved.  I can knit a jumper, make a clanger, fix some place mats, embroider a birth chart and keep the house immaculate and prepared a delicious home cooked meal.  In the same day!  Perhaps my parents came from some far away planet where time is double the span allotted to earth.  That would explain why I try to fit so much in.
So this year I am not going to say I have no time because I think it's more about priorities.  There are things that I love to do, and there are things I have to do.  it's the things I have to do that steal time away from the things I love to do and I need to better at balancing those and creating a more even distribution.  Yes I love to knit.  I am perfectly content to put on a season of a show I like and then knit away.  But I have to realise that I will never reach the end of the list of things I want to knit, although perhaps I may reach the age when I can no longer knit.  This is sobering.  So I will prioritise the things that bring me pleasure whilst allowing space to do that which must be done.  Of course that means eight hours of work a day.  Ho hum.

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