Monday, January 27, 2014

Knitting Progress

January is nearing an end, hard to believe that in just a few days we will be into February already.  It is true time does fly unless of course you are waiting for something and then it seems to go agonisingly slowly.
Still I have managed to achieve a few things this month.  I finished the knitting part of the pink cardigan using the wool my mum sent me.  I have sewn up one side and halt the other, so it's almost done.  Having discovered that with my dear hubby's jumper I had knitted the front and back of one style and the sleeves from another style I can safely say I have completed the knitting part of  that project.  I will sew it up and it will become a sleeveless vest.  Not quite what he was hoping for but such is life at times.  Technically hubby isn't a vest man but let's just say he is a man in love and so I am confident that it will be worn.  So I have managed to keep  my new year resolutions so far.  I have my pink Noro cardigan to finish and that's will be the main focus for the next few weeks.

I have started two new projects, a green hoodie for a special friend and a grey sweater for my special  man.  Let's hope I can make these two without any mistakes.

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