Monday, January 6, 2014

Xmas cats

 Any one who has followed this blog will know that I can occasionally be a little obsessed with my animals.  They are an important part of me and now that the children are growing up and leaving home these furry friends are even more central to my life.  After Peri died I was bereft.  He left the hugest hole in my heart and my life, more than I would have ever thought possible.  even now almost three years after his death, I still cry occasionally and miss him terribly.

But I was fortunate enough enough to be blessed with two kittens Pearl and Jasper who grew up and produced two gorgeous litters of kittens.  The first litter was a little fraught as we were away for the weekend when Pearl went into labour.  We returned home to just one kitten that Pearl was completely uninterested in.  When I tried to get her to feed the wee kit, she bit his tail and kinked it.  patiently I managed to get her to feed the kitten and he became know as Buster or baby cat.  He is hte darker and larger cat.  Baby cat slept with us from a few days old because Pearl decided if she was going to have to look after this creature then it would only be next to me. Naturally having virtually reared this little fellow there was no chance of him ever leaving.

The second litter was more successful only a little quicker than we had planned due to an accidental leaving of the cats together at the wrong time.  How accidental I will never know but perhaps one day youngest daughter will confess.  This litter produced four beautiful healthy kittens, three girls and one boy. Ollie was promised to a friend from the start and for 8 weeks I kept myself from falling in love with him even though he reminded me of Peri at every moment.  For 8 weeks I managed to believe he was going to live with my friend, but she couldn't take him until he was 16 weeks old and when the other litter mates went, he bonded with us.  So Ollie had to stay too. 

I love all my cats I really do, but Ollie is something special, not a Peri replacement for there could never be one of those but he's certainly up there.

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