Sunday, May 24, 2009

The dress

So here it is. Knitted in just one week, thank goodness for slim, short daughters. I used Elle Stretch found by happy accident in the local Warehouse. Cost $4 a ball and I used 6 balls. Elle is 90% acrylic and 10% stretch polyester. It knits beautifully, vewry smooth and fast adn lasts for 125m.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I did it

At the final hour I cast off and while I didn't get a chance to sew in the ends it was wearable. Unfortunately there wasn't time to photograph before she dashed off into the sunset and we haven't been in the house at the same time since. I plan on tying her down if necessary tomorrow. Whew I don't think I can face circulars needles for at least ..... a week maybe!

Monday, May 11, 2009

It must be love

Snippet of conversation with teenage daughter.
Daughter: mum I need a new dress
Mum: Why's that
Daughter: I want to look nice for my boyfriend's birthday
Mum: where are you going?
Daughter: For a meal
Mum: Can't you wear something in your warderobe?
Daughter: Mum!!!
Mum: how much do you need then?
Daughter: Will you knit me one?
Mum: errr, I guess so. When do you need it for
Daughter: Next sunday
No reply from mum. She's on the floor in shock. How fast does she think I knit. A halter neck dress by next Sunday. I'm not making any promises but I'll give it whirl.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I worn the trousers to my knitting group on Monday just so they could see them in the flesh so to speak. The trousers are surprisingly heavy, much heavier than I thought they would be and I need to adjust the elastic in the waist band so there's less drag. They were very easy to wear and very warm and comfortable. The bottom didn't sag at all even after two hours of sitting knitting, but... the knees did. It was a most disappointing moment when I stood up and my knee continued to protrude. I'm not entirely sure how to solve the problem.
I guess I ought to give some facts and figures, being right brained I tend to forget the details. I used a bamboo and cotton blend from Spotlight $4.99 a ball. It's 50% of each. I used 11 balls each giving 82 metres on size four and a half circulars. The pattern was from Phoenix Bess although I adapted the original number of stitches and used a different waist band.
I will definitely make another pair but in black or navy and using a yarn with perhaps a little nylon or Lycra in.
Thanks for all the great comments, I really enjoyed knitting these. I will wear them a lot around the house and wearing them will continue the healing that knitting them started.
No matter what God is still good and I am still blessed

Monday, May 4, 2009


Whew, although these only took me two weeks to knit the last couple of inches really did seem to take forever.
I haven't blocked them yet and there are several places where the yarn was less than perfect so the overall effect is spoilt. I am going to reserve judgement until I've worn them.

I think they fit better than I thought they would.

But should they be worn outside or relegated to the confines of the house only.
Perhaps in a different yarn? Or in black?
Honest opinions sought please
Perhaps they need to be frogged and made into something more sensible.