Thursday, February 24, 2011

NZ update

It's been a crazy time here in NZ as we come to terms with the horrific news of another devasting earthquake in Christchurch. I am lucky enough to be far away from the trauma and upset but nonethless have been involved in the military response to the incident. I know many of you will have been concerned and I am touched by the level of care out there. I am fine as is all of my family. I am truly blessed and can only pray for those who are still waiting to hear news of their loved ones.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Birthday to them

Happy 21st to my son and Happy 10th to my youngest. Both Valentines Day babies. One now a man and the other still my sweet angel.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Not what I expected

I wonder whether it is wise to experiment without some idea of the end result. I wanted to knit the boyfriend sweater shown in the above picture, but I had to use different yarn which I thought wouldn't make that much difference.
The finished piece was supposed to be a roomy slouchy sweater, one just perfect for casual encounters, walking the dog and such like.

It's from this book which is one of my all time favourites for the young women in my life. I've knitted the dress in this before as you might all recall. My biggest woe is that I can never find the same yarns over here in NZ and I would love to get my knitty mitts on some Elle Stretch or even some Bamboozle.

The piece I ended up with is much more fitted. It might not be quite what I was expecting but I have say I am very pleased with the end result. It looks modern and trendy, with just the hint of shape and flair.

So I used an organic cotton, natural with just the hint of a green nub running through it. I took the needles down a size and used 6mm instead of 6.5mm. What I really love about this sweater was that it was knitted entirely in the round. There was no sewing up. No seriously apart from weaving in the ends that was it, once I cast off the whole piece was done. I have never before picked up the sleeves at the shoulders and knitted them in the round but I am so pleased with the result I might do it that way all the time.
Even the shoulders were joined using the three needle bind off. What more could a girl ask for.
If you're new to knitting and want to step up from a small project to a bigger one this is the project to pick. It's simple and fast to knitt, hardly any shaping and no sewing up. Oh I already mentioned that didn't I? Well it's exciting.
I was going to give it away to my step daughter and then I wanted to keep it for myself I loved it that much. I did give it to her and it looks stunning on her slim figure. I guess I'll just have to make another one.

Hope everyone had a great weekend wishing you a fab week at work or home.