Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I worn the trousers to my knitting group on Monday just so they could see them in the flesh so to speak. The trousers are surprisingly heavy, much heavier than I thought they would be and I need to adjust the elastic in the waist band so there's less drag. They were very easy to wear and very warm and comfortable. The bottom didn't sag at all even after two hours of sitting knitting, but... the knees did. It was a most disappointing moment when I stood up and my knee continued to protrude. I'm not entirely sure how to solve the problem.
I guess I ought to give some facts and figures, being right brained I tend to forget the details. I used a bamboo and cotton blend from Spotlight $4.99 a ball. It's 50% of each. I used 11 balls each giving 82 metres on size four and a half circulars. The pattern was from Phoenix Bess although I adapted the original number of stitches and used a different waist band.
I will definitely make another pair but in black or navy and using a yarn with perhaps a little nylon or Lycra in.
Thanks for all the great comments, I really enjoyed knitting these. I will wear them a lot around the house and wearing them will continue the healing that knitting them started.
No matter what God is still good and I am still blessed


Channon said...

I remember those "knees remain" issues from the days of stirrup pants... But as long as they're comfy, you have some great luxury pants to wear around the house!

Willow said...

They're still beautiful and you love them and that's what matters. Oh yeah, I remember 'saggy knees'--still have nightmares. You can christen them 'Healing Pants' (we just watched 'Traveling Pants2' on DVD).

LizzieJane said...

Even with the "knees remaining" I still love them. What a wonderfully warm pair of pants for those cold winters.

Lin said...

I didn't think that they would be heavy, its great that they have been out though!

t does wool said...

oh, I am happy the pants are working for you...saggy knees be gone!!
and yes, you are blessed.