Friday, January 3, 2014

Believe in your dreams

Believe in your dreams, for no-one else will if you do not.  This is harder than it first seems, as humans we are filled with self doubt, or fear that we often fail to follow the paths set out before us.  We deem it selfish or egotistical to do what makes us happy and to an extent it can be.  But if we are always aware of others and their part to play in our journey then we can do both.  I like that idea.  This year I will write my novel.  Furthermore I will take a chance and send it to a publisher because it is my dream and it's not going to come true if I don't take action.

Yesterday I had the privilege and the joy of being invited to a BBQ.  It wasn't a huge affair the friend hosting isn't a great socialiser so it was even more precious to be included in the select few.  I went with a little trepidation unsure how much of a good time would be had, but determined to show my face and show my gratitude for being thought of.  I dragged my very patient and tolerant husband along who is even less of a socialiser than the friend we were visiting.  I was prepared for fraught times.

What transpired was an amazing afternoon and evening filled with lots of laughter and jokes and I meant some really lovely people that I would love to get to know more.  Even better I got to see my husband laughing and joking with the rest of them in a way I haven't seen previously.  It was a special moment.  My heart swells when I see him smile.

Of course this is a knitting blog and it would be remiss of me not to mention knitting that at a later date I rely on to blog about.  So to prove that I am very indeed obsessed with knitting and really do take it everywhere, here's a shot of me up the top of Mount Tongaririo crossing knitting away during a brief stop.

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