Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I wish

I had some knitting news to share but sadly I have been terribly slack in the yarn department. I have three projects on the go, a second sock for middle daughter,a pink beaded affair that is progressing in minute increments. At the current rate she may be able to pass it on to a daughter of her own, or possibly a grand-daughter.
Then there's the sweater for you know who that is in abeyance because of the you know what curse. Let's not give fate any more ammunition at this point. A cease fire has been declared and it maybe wise to build up stocks and reconstruct before facing another onslaught.
And last but not least I am knitting a top for a friend. I started out very enthusiastic and willing, the project isn't complex and the back was knitted in days, but now I am procrastinating like a greek philosopher over finishing the front.
It is a lesson to be learned here that agreeing to knit for someone else is likely to end in tears, probably theirs.


Jane said...

I swap back and forth between knitting and cross stitching, at the moment i'm very firmly back to cross stitch and loving every minute. Hope your knitting mojo returns but perhaps its decided it needs a holiday! hugs Jane

Channon said...

Perhaps your mojo and mine were on holiday together. Mine returned earlier this week, so maybe yours will find its way to you soon?

raining sheep said...

So I read you post below and must say I am curious about how things are going in the man department. Oh brother! I remember when I was single....I got to a point where I just did not even bother anymore. After like six years of single hood I met the Babe on the third pitch of a rock climb. Those kind of adventures generally make away with all those beginning uncertainties. If you can get along 300 metres up in the air, things are likely to work out. I have not been knitting either; I think my last sweater made me want a bit of a break from the needles.

Louise said...

We all lose heart at times. Once you get going again you'll be fine. Usually it's other things clouding the mind? x

t does wool said...

everything in it's due time ally~~