Friday, March 7, 2008

I have had this yarn for about six months but I have not yet found anything I actually want to knit with it. it feels lovely and I found all these pluses about it. Has anyone else knitted with Bamboo and got some nifty pattern or some cool pics. I don't want it to just languish at the bottom of my stash pile.

Bamboo is a grass that is harvested and distilled into cellulose that is then spun into the yarn.

Positive Things About Bamboo Yarn
Bamboo is a renewable resource.
Bamboo can be harvested without killing the plant, and it only takes a few months before the plant is ready to be harvested again. That makes it an environmentally friendly choice.
Bamboo yarn, when not mixed with unnatural fibers, is biodegradable.
Bamboo yarn is often dyed with more natural dyes that are safer for the environment.
Bamboo fabric is naturally antibacterial.
Bamboo also has ultra-violet protective properties.
It sounds like the sort of yarn of the future, but it's no use if I don't make something with it.

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Kate said...

Love the colour of the bamboo. I haven't tried it either, but I always hear nice things about it.