Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bunny adventures

What a day it's been. I entered an 8.4km run which was fine, but because of the traffic and the lack of forethought to pack a mobile phone, I ended up walking the 8.4kms back to the start line ( one of the few straight line races NZ has) to meet hubby at the alloted time. Whew! So for a relaxing afternoon I thought, but when I arrived home the girl bunnies looked like they could do with a bit of freshing up so I let them out of their runs to explore while I did the necessary. All was rabbity fun and frolics with the girls enjoying the chance to run and chase. But while I went to fetch clean water, one cunning girl made her escape. I knew she could not get far, a garden either way, so I searched left, no luck,
I searched right no luck.

Hmmm. I decided to wait and see rather than walk miles seeing if she was around. It was a fairly hot day and I was certain she would want to be in the shade. 30 minutes later and the sound of next door's dog barking alerted me to her reappearance. Unfortunately the barking also scared her under their deck. NZs don't have patios we have decks. There was a gap of about 30cms, and it was about four foot deep ,enough to see her but not enough to get her out. She refused to look at us and then disaster she decided to try and dig her way under their house. Drastic action was required. Time for hose woman to arrive. First second eldest daughter tried the directions while I used the hose. Nothing achieved because by the time she told me where the rabbit was , rabbit was not. Then daughter took over hose. Better surely. Sadly no. I was wet pretty quickly as daughter kept pointing the hose at me. So I tried to do both, lying down and looking under the deck while aiming the hose. Success. One very disgruntled and wet bunny out in the open. She did however get some basil and mint to help her feel better about the whole experience.

Boy if I was tired before I am totally shattered now.
I may just fall asleep over my knitting tonight.

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Kitty said...

Hello Alison - thank you for visiting me. I've had a lovely time reading your bloggy bits. Oh dear, poor wet bunny but hopefully it'll learn not to do that again!

I particularly like your post about the carrot, the egg and the coffee bean - I need to work on my coffee bean properties!

Take care. :-)