Monday, April 28, 2008

Excuses for not working

We all have those days where we can't face the daily grind, when we want nothing more than to simply pull the covers back over our heads and pretend that the real world does not exist. Or those days when the promise of fun and laughter elsewhere beckons us to ignore the responsibilities of life. A mental health day if you want to call it such. Don't get me wrong I love my job, it is seriously the best job in the world, but even I can't be motivated all the time. Especially when the kids are on holiday and spending time with them beats anything work might have to offer. So today was such a day and I'm lucky enough that I can get an afternoon off easily but it made me think of excuses I've heard when people pull a sickie.
Here are my top 5.
1. I thought it was Saturday
2. The car wouldn't start
3. I had an argument with my wife and she hid all my clothes
4. My hamster died
5. I've got 24 hour flu

I have heard all of these, but never used any. What's the best excuse you've ever heard or used?

It's social knitting tonight and I have to say I am in a quandary over what to take. I could take the back of my touch peplum cardy which needs another 4 cm until I start shaping the armholes, or the front of the sweater from the huge brown ball, which is just stocking stitch and needs to grow another 20 cms or I could uncover the sock (note the singular) and work on that but I just don't get into socks. I love looking at the patterns and I adore the wool, and for the first 20 rounds I am happy enough but then something happens in my brain and I lose interest. We have several, well all right I admit it quite a few single socks that I forced myself to complete but never made them a partner. Bad knitter. So not the sock even if I can almost hear it crying, 'pick me, pick me' like a piece of fruit from a tree. No I will not pick you little sock, not by the hair of my chinny chin chin... oops sorry about that diversion into the realm of faiytales. I could go and rifle through my yarn stash and pattern stash and take something new. I really fancy trying the Shrug over at Purl Bee's site (see side bar) and I do have some Bamboo that I've been waiting for just the right pattern for but I think it requires a bit of concentration, and talking might get in the way. Decsions, decsions and I've even done a course on decsion making.
Ok I'm off to have a rummage in my stash and seek inspiration, otherwise I'll take the sock, no the cardy, no... I'll let you know what I eventually decide to take. It would be easier if I could go back to the days when I only ever had one project on the go, but that means being 16 again. No thanks.
How do you choose your next project or which one to work on?


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

I usually choose projects depending on how much time I have available. After mainly doing long term quilting projects over the past few years, I am now enjoying faster projects that can be completed in 1-2 sessions. Enjoy your knitting group tonight!

Barbara said...

24 hour flu is a good one. So hard to disprove!
I have an unexpected morning to myself today as one of my little mindees is unwell so couldn't come. It is so good to have a bit of unexpected time to yourself - esp on a Monday!
I find it hard to choose projects, usually because I have so many in mind that I hem and haw pulling stuff out and putting it back until it's time to do the school run or something else! If I'm lucky enough to get started though I often want something that can be finished quickly these days.


Risking sounding like a goodie two shoes I very rarely had a day off sick when in my last job, and if I did I would have had a bout of flu or something equally as bad. By sheer coincidence shortly after declaring my intent on leaving I had to have two days off, I caught the Norovirus, and was violently ill! Hows about “I couldn't find a spot to park this morning, so I just went home.” for an excuse! x

Willow said...

Best excuse I've heard (from my fiance to me when we skipped class one day): The beach was calling to me.

This year I'm choosing my projects by looking at my stash and coming up with a project that works with the yarns I have. I also base my baby sweater knitting by the number of invitations to baby showers I get. Or when The Boy is growing out of something.

Willow said...

Oh, and you made me laugh this morning when I opened my comments and read yours. Going off to polish my halo.
Signed: The Enabler

Leanne said...

What are you talking about odd socks I have plenty not because I just knitted one. When my husband was young(thats a long time ago) he took a sickie don't know what excuse he used and went to the cricket however he ended up on TV when they did the highlights on the news... not real smart.

Tracy said...

24 hr flu is a good choice! Although the hamster death is too ;o) Hope you had fun at your knitting meet! :o) Project selection takes me time, for I usually have too man things I want to make NOW, but try to weed things down to what yarn I have already and try to de-stash. For a while I've been working on quick & easy things. I've been knitting some years, but I've never given up on scarf knitting and kind whipping up a scarf in an evening or two very satisfying. My sister is having a baby in the fall, so tiny knitting might be in my future for a while! Happy Knitting ((HUGS))

Down on the Farm said...

Your comment on one single finished sock made me chuckle. I have a very nice sock sitting in a basket that has even gotten a sore throat (if a sock had a throat) because of calling "choose me". I have an idential pair that I really enjoy and will someday finish the second unless I wear a hole in the first pair it the single one will be a replacement.

dancin_puffin said...

Excuses... it would have to be 'it's taking me ages to get to work today, the traffic is terrible, I am going to turn around and try again later' and when you know the route they are taking it's not always a foolproof one!
How to choose projects... well, I'm actually quite a novice compared to some of you guys but colour is really important to me - if I'm working with a colour I don't like I don't get the motivation. It also has to fit my mood - do I want to see instant results or do I want something that will be quite mind numbing. Love your blog btw :o)

moey said...

Hi Alison --
Just wanted to let you know that I've made my blog private. I'd love to invite you but I need your email addy. Could you go to and leave me a comment? Thanks! Sorry about the inconvenience.

(for brasstacksandbasics - heart n hearth)

Donna Lynn said...

I start thinking about a room I want to change in my head, then I stand in the room with my hands on my hips and see what it needs, it usually is paint! I love to change paint colors it is such a big fun change, and can be changed back if you hate it! 22 bucks, a cheap fix for sure...I do things really fast no grass grows under my tootsies!
Have a great day, thanks for commenting on my post!
Donna Lynn