Thursday, May 1, 2008

What a disgrace

Never, ever let me lose with a pair of scissors or clippers or even a knife. I am just not to be trusted it would seem with anything other than a pair of needles.
Let me explain, animal lovers, please understand that no animals were actually hurt in this episode but they may well have psychologial problems for a while.
Ollie, our adorably placid, laid back Shih Tzu desperately needed to be clipped and bathed. To say he was smelly is a bit like saying snow is cold. It was so bad we kept telling him not to move during the evening so he wouldn't waft the smell at us. We couldn't just bath him, as that involves a lot of pain and anguish on Ollie's part. So we bought a set of clippers and decided to DIY. Big mistake. Not only did it take most of the day, we went slowly so as not to make a mess of it and to make sure we didn't cut Ollie, but he looked a mess anyway. In some places he has very very short fur.

He didn't look so bad once it was all roughly the same length.
We are counting on him not seeking legal assistance to claim for damages although Peri was clearly willing to take up the challenge on Ollie's behalf. I would show you the end result but Ollie refused to be photographed naked. He slunk outside to hide until he was certain all implements of mass embarrassment had been put away. I think we'll stick with the dog groomer after all. We were just trying to save money.
Pups are all doing well. Weaning has started and what a messy palaver that is. I dread weaning, not only because pups have a knack of gettting it into every corner imaginable as they seek to do anything but eat it, but also because it means they won't be with us much longer. I would so love to keep them even though I know that
6 dogs would be 5 too many.

It's a good laugh this feeding lark.

Nothing better than a good sleep after a feed.

This is the life for me.

Book update
I have to be honest and say that Chesil beach while a finely crafted piece of prose left me feeling vaguely dissatisfied. It would seem that the trend is moving towards writing a whole load of poignant introverted wonderings that lead nowhere. I know Woolf did it with The Lighthouse and as a technique it has some merit, but I like my fiction to go somewhere, to take me on a journey and to let me step into another world. I need resolutions. I can't cope with this snapshot of life or a brief moment in time.
I am going to read if I can (library willing) the Orange Long list. That should keep me suitably entertained for a while.

Knitting update

Tonight I am going to spend some time with my stash as I think about what to put on the needles next, shut up sock, it won't be you. I really should finish a jumper for me in the softest blues and greens that has been at the bottom of the knitting bag for almost three years. I only have half a sleeve to do and the neckband,it wouldn't take any time, but I can't remember wherebouts I am in the pattern and so it just gets labelled too hard adn I ignore it again.
What project/projects do you have calling out to be finished?


Liz said...

That's too funny. We (we as in my husband) cut Mabel's hair. Sometimes we get it right, and other times I feel like we should hide her. :)

Those pups are just too cute. I'd never get anything done with them around!

Literary Feline said...

Poor Ollie! And poor you! It sounds like an ordeal for everyone involved. I am sure he'll appreciate it once the warmer weather really kicks in. :-) I am often glad that my dog has short haired and doesn't require much grooming beyond a good brushing now and then--and a bath, which is a much hated event in my house. Water is for drinking only, he's tried to tell me a million times.

The puppies are adorable!

I haven't yet read Chesil Beach, but someday I hope to. I did read Atonement and fell in love with the author's writing style so I'd like to give him another try.

I hope you have a good weekend!

Elizabeth said...

The puppies are adorable! I don't think I could part with them.
And DO finish the sock.
I have two projects to finish but since I just started them both at the same time it is not desperate. One was supposed to be the mindless tv watching on (which was not so mindless after all) which was winning out but the lacey one really needs to be finished first.
ps. the post is up!

Firefly Nights said...

Aw, come on. All that build up and no picture of Ollie naked? Next week, please.

Rachael Rabbit said...

Poor Ollie - although he doesn't look like he is too unhappy about his haircut :-) Your brave - we take our Havanese to the groomer .... although he is pretty good in the bath too!

Ragged Roses said...

Poor old Ollie and to make things worse you've shared the photos with the world!!!!! Those pups are just gorgeous, you're going to find it hard to part with them. Have a good weekend

odd dotty said...

Bwahahaha!! I almost pee'd my pants reading about Ollie! And then you tell the sock to shut up?! That right there? That is my sense of humor. Thanks for the laugh!

Leanne said...

Ha Ha poor Ollie.... Oh how sad you will be when the puppies go I remember when ours went I was so distressed however we did keep one.

Tracy said...

Laughing my butt off...poor Ollie! Those puppies are darling...Happy weekend to all, all creatures great & small ((HUGS))

Jennie said...

awww Poor Ollie! You'll have to knit him an outfit to keep him warm.
The puppies are so cute, I daren't show them to my daughter, she would be desperate to have one!

two hippos said...

My attempts at grooming are somewhat hit and miss too,I'm sure he looks adorable still. And your puppies are just so cute, how do you have any time to knit with them around.

kerri said...

Oh those pics made me giggle. Poor Ollie! My dogs get home haircuts as well, sometimes they come out looking like armadillos. They're used to it though hehe.

(Not-So) Cynical Gal said...

Couldn't our furry kids just become self-cleaning and grooming like ovens?

I have to get reading is cutting into my knit time.

Those pups are precious! I want one but I know a puppy would tip our animal tolerance threshold and the Diva, Miss Gracie, would not like it one bit.

Susie Q said...

Poor sweet fur baby! Poor you too!

But oh how precious are those puppies!! I would spend all day just holding them and never getting a things accomplished!