Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hurrah for the Queen's birthday

Looking forward to a three day weekend thanks to the Queen. I have a few projects that I hope to get stuck into and the girls are desperate for a trip to Spotlight to pick up some new cheap yarn. There are only so many dollars in the pay packet and some of them annoyingly have to go towards really boring stuff like food and power.I would love to have a combined yarn and book store. It would be my idea of heaven, with a pet shop next door, and a great cafe the other side. That would make work so much fun.
What sort of shop would you like to run?

On the Knitting Front there's been progress of sorts, but maybe not in the right direction. I actually frogged the sock. it was the only thing to do. Now it can't cry and make me feel bad anymore.

I have been busy with Ophelia and have chosen to use my bamboo and cotton blend in a sort of greyish green. It feels divine and I am so impatient to get it finished that I have rather abandoned the others, but they aren't complaining yet. I did pick up my pink Peplum cardy to finsh the front but only did a couple of rows before being lured back to Ophelia. It's a while since I've felt this complusion to complete a piece. It is very pretty though.

I have started on sleeves for a jumper for Daisy, my own design, not very adventurous just plain with inset sleeves she keeps nagging me to pick it up and do so I think it might be finished before I go back to work on Tuesday.

I bought a knitting magazine knit 1 with some very trendy designs all in eco yarns. I since discovered that it's aimed at 18 to 35 year old knitters which makes sense. So many projects not enough time, but I guess the dreaming is all part of the game too.
These three were drooled over so much by the girls that I had to whip it away before it become nothing more than a soggy rag. Perhaps while out on Monday I might find the yarn to make one of them a surprise gift.

Big thanks for three day weekends. They are the best.


Ragged Roses said...

Hope you have a great weekend. i would love to have a tea shop/old fashioned sweet shop!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

The Queen sure has a lot of birthdays (we celebrate in Western Australia in October!). We have a long weekend this weekend though for Foundation Day so am hoping to get in lots of sewing! It is fairly wet and stormy here so it will be good baking and crafting weather.

Sal said...

I hope your weekend goes well.You certainly have a lot to do!
We (UK) don't seem to have any days off to celebrate her birthday!! ;-)

Jennie said...

Have a lovely weekend!!!

April said...

I am desperate to run my own cake shop - one day!!

April xx

LizzieJane said...

I would love to come and work for you in your yarn/book store. What great perks with a coffee shop on one side and a pet shop on the other!
I presume we would have 3 hour lunch breaks and 1 hour tea breaks twice a day?
Have a lovely weekend!

dottycookie said...

Hang on, we don't get a day off for the Queen's Birthday! Mind you, last weekend was a Bank Holiday so poerhaps I shouldn't moan.

I'd love to have a book shop with a coffee shop in it. A small, cosy one, not Borders + Starbucks stylee.

Jane said...

Hope you have a good weekend, a day off to celebrate HM's birthday - what a lovely idea, shame we don't get one too (UK!) I'd love to have a yarn and fabric shop with a coffee shop in it. Jane x

Bethany Hissong said...

I like the third photo! And your bookshop/yarn shop sounds perfect to me! Thanks for visiting my blog! I'll have to check back and see what you're knitting!

Willow said...

I would have a coffe shop that also sells my own baked goods and homemade soups.

There would be free internet, and would be located between a book shop and a yarn store. And it would be across the street from the beach. Oh, and there would be a roomy apt upstairs where The Professor and I would live.

How's that for dreaming the PERFECT shop?

Alison Boon said...

Wouldn't it just be neat to have all our shops in the same street. I love Willow's idea of the beach. I guess Devonport almost gets it right as the beach is at the end of the road. We would definitely have those long lunches otherwise there wouldn't be time to visit the other shops.

Angel Jem said...

That's a 3 day weekend because of our Queen? Queen Lizzie? I'm impressed! You take more notice of it than we do here! (Mind you, I'd like a day off for the Queen's birthday, but not for Charles' when he becomes King... his birthday is in November!
But then, that'll be late spring in NZ so that works out better for you. OK, I'll take the day)