Thursday, April 3, 2008

Dogs On Thursdays

I have two dogs,Sasha and Ollie. They are both Shizhus and extremely dim but terribly loveable. Sasha is expecting her second set of pups in about ten days and I am very excited. It was such a magical experience last time. Ollie is the father and while he is highly devoted to Sasha right now, (aside from eating her puppy food when he gets the chance) when the pups arrive he'll stay well clear and will pretend they're nothing to do with him.

The brown one from Sasha's last litter

The spitting image of Ollie

Ollie in his best outfit
I can't find one of Sasha at the moment as my darling hubby never labels the photos he down loads. I will try and get one, basically she is the same colour as Ollie but she has long hair.

Not a lot of knitting done tonight as Peri the cat keeps making off with my wool while I'm at work and tonight I spent several hours untangling the spaghetti mess he managed to make. I am going to have to start hiding it.


Jennie said...

aww your Dogs are so gorgeous!

Kitty said...

Cute dogs. I've never had dogs - only cats, but one day I'd like to own a dog.


Denise said...

We have a Shih Tze named Boo :-) They were adorable when they were pups, and he still is of course - what shih tzu isn't. Do keep us posted and hope to see lots of puppy pics soon.
Hope it all goes well for Sasha.

(Not-So) Cynical Gal said...

What precious little faces they have!!

dogquilter said...

What cuties they are!! Make sure to get pics of the babies when they arrive must be terribly excited!!

Happy Dog House said...

Hope all goes well with the arrival of the pups. We'll be waiting for photos of them.

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