Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Positive attitude and pink scooters

I am naturally optimistic. I can't help it. For me the glass is always half full and I will try to see the bright side of things. I guess it gets a bit much when I do my Julie Andrews during a thunderstorm impression but until they invent a cure I am stuck with being upbeat. I have had a roller coaster life but somehow even as I was clinging on for dear life, the chasm beneath me and dragons breathing fire on all sides, I always knew it would be alright. Not perfect, often not what I thought I wanted (or knew I wanted, I could be happy in a mansion with a pool, I know I could)but alright. Looking back on some of the major events of my life I wonder how many happened because of my attitude and how many would have happened anyway. Are we just subject to random acts of luck, are some people just in the right place at the right time, or do we somehow attract things to us. I think attitude has to count for something right. I mean if you sit at home hiding your head under the pillow, mostly no-one comes looking for you. Mr opportunity never does. He heads off in the opposite direction. What do you think?
Had half a day off work yesterday after a trip to have my coil removed and DH treated me to this cute key chain.

I was drooling over the wellies,

but I guess the key chain is more appropriate. It is the exact shade and shape of my first scooter. My new one is a bigger badder version. More power and while it's still pink the guys who spray painted her headed towards the purple. I still love her though.
Also thought this was pretty sweet.

As requested the photos of my pink scooters. This was my first a sweet little V moto Milan. Really loved this but it wasn't fast enough to go over the Harbour Bridge and so limited my travelling options.

I then saw this Honda Forza but it was white. I jokingly said I would buy it if it were pink and the garage offered to Spray it for me. It's not quite the pink I wanted even though I gave them the old one to match it to, but still it's pink enough.


Charlie P said...

Yes! I totally agree that a smile and an optimistic attitude get you a long way. I've worked in a pub and a tourist office and happy, friendly people always get more help/ freebies/ better service :D People are more willing to employ and befriend optimists and now I come to think of it, all of my long-lasting friendships have been with positive people. Although having said that, we all need a moan at some point!

Love the pink things. Can we see a picture of your scooter too?

Elizabeth said...

Love those wellies!
I'd love to see your full size scooter, too!
I always thought that was an uber cool way to travel, those Italian woman pull it off with such panache.

LizzieJane said...

Those wellies are fabulous! They are girly that's for sure.

Sarah said...

Hurrah for a positive attitude - I'm sure when I'm most positive the best things happen in my life :o)

Thanks for visiting my blog - never let me calculate how many stitches in a sweater - the socks scared me plenty - all finished now though!

Country Cottage Chic said...

I love the pink scooters!
I'm also the eternal optimist whereas the other half is a pessimist - he says he's a "realist" but I prefer looking on the bright side.

Kitty said...

Oh wow - that's a wonderful scooter! And so good of them to spray it for you.

I'm a glass is half full person myself, but boy is that being tested at this time in my life!


Thimbleanna said...

I definitely agree that a half full attitude will go a long way. How many really successful people do you know that are really grumpy? Not very many!

I hope your procedure went well -- not sure what a "coil" is???

And, I have those cute wellies -- just to make you a little less envious, after a year, the plastic on them is starting to yellow. They're still cute, just yellowed!

Liz said...

Ahhhh... I love you optimistic people. I married one! Had to, he ballances my negativity into something decent. :)

LOUISE said...

That's a great bike you have. I can tell you think pink positive! x

periwinkle said...

thats a mean looking scooter - even if it is pink
lisa x

Firefly Nights said...

Yes, we definintely attract things to us. People with negative attitudes end up often with bad things. People with your attitude find positives even in the negatives and end up with something good from them. Guess I should try that a little more often.