Thursday, July 31, 2008

Normal knitting resumes

I do enjoy knitting baby things. I have been blessed to have had four of my own babies to knit for at one time or other and plenty of friends who are happy to receive anything I may choose to knit.
This delightful pattern from Sirdar is just about finished, (photo tomorrow if the weather improves). I love Sirdar yarn, it's so soft, and it goes a very long way, the 4ply covers 226 metres. They also do some very pretty solid colours.
I've made the cardigan for my Friend Celeste whom I first knew in the UK, when we were both in hospital waiting for our babies to arrive, my 4th her 1st. Celeste now lives in Australia and gave birth yesterday to her third child a baby daughter called Xanthe. It's partly due to her I'm in NZ but more on that another time.
I have finished all the knitting but need to sew it up and add buttons, then it will wing its way to Australia

In between baby knitting I have just read the next instalment of The Number 1 Ladies Detective agency book. It is a quick read, as delightful as all the previous ones. Mma Ramaotswe is like an old friend and it is satisfying to follow the further developments in her life. I have also just read Thanks For the memories by Cecelia Ahern author of PS I love YOu. This novel tackles the idea of how maybe memories could be tranferered via a blood tranfusion. An interesting topic that is handled in a senstitive manner with lots of humour thrown in. Maybe not as powerful as PS but ultimately readable.
Hope everyone's having a great week.
Friday tomorrow Yay.
I have a tag to complete and a couple of swaps to show but it's getting late so I'll leave if for another day.


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

I haven't read that book yet - but have enjoyed the rest of the series! I will have to look at for it. Such lovely tales...

At Home Mommy Knits said...

I have only read one book from that series and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I might have to go on down and pick up a few more.

The baby cardigan...adorable

Liz said...

I just discovered that author this year, and I love him!

LizzieJane said...

Knitting baby things is such a treat, the yarns are so lovely and soft and they really don't take long to knit up, much nicer than a man's sweater they take forever.
Thank you for the book recommendation I will have to check out the author.

Paula said...

I am just starting The Good Husband of Zebra drive!
I can't wait to read that next book!
I like his other books too and thought the Finer Points Of Sausage Dogs was hysterical!
(probably more than most since I am married to a guy like the one in that book.)

I love the baby knitting pattern!
I have been knitting some baby socks and bibs and thinking of a sweater to go with them.

The Catmosphere said...

We three kitties think your kitty is really beautiful and needs a kitty blog too!

Sue said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your little baby cardigan. I love the Sirdar patterns and yarn, too.

Jane said...

Hi Alison, just bought a secondhand copy of the 2nd book from the series of No1 Ladies Dectective agency as i loved reading the first one and the film for television was good too. I love your sewing efforts especially the bag, I hope Peri doesn't mind too much now. He was probably wondering what you could make for him! The baby jacket is so sweet and quick to knit up. I'm making another baby blanket this time i'm crocheting a ripple blanket in a rainbow of colour with baby yarn which is looking very pretty. Jane x