Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Universal success

Sometimes I am a victim of my own success. I try things and it's as though whatever energy I put into it is generated tenfold. Most people would have a modicum of success me, I have an overload.
Confused, well that's understandable.
Let me attempt to explain.
I am a certain age and I know what I want.
Easy so far.
So I start with a list to clarify and make sure that I really do know what I want.
The list is the top 100 things I'm looking for in a man, because while I know I don't need a man to keep me, or to make me whole, I know that I would like one. A bit like I wanted a Tonkinese cat; I think it will be nice to have one around sometimes. I was right with the Tonk, I'm sure I'll be right with the man, so long as I choose wisely.
On my list are qualities such as kindness, honesty, openness and loyalty. Also things like intelligent and gregarious, as well as playful and protective. I have qualities like generous and passionate, considerate and caring as well as communicative and willing to commit.
All good things and things I know I like and admire. I also put down a few things that I know I need in a man. I know I need someone tactile and warm.
So far so good. I write this list on a piece of bright yellow paper and put it in my purse.
I believe in this list and within days it works. It works better than I could have ever imagined.
This is where it gets complicated. I get 6 dates. Six invites to dinner, or coffee, or a walk. I accepted all six; after all at this point there is no way of knowing which ones would be frogs and which one might be the prince.
And so begins an exhausting week. A week of juggling emails and txts and of needing more organising that a CEO.
Destinations and assignations, baby-sitters and locations all had to be considered and arranged.

One was a so awestruck he could say nothing but, "you're Gorgeous" I might be (well I like me) but really hearing it every other sentence for two hours, even my vanity got bored and went home.
One was still in love with his ex wife of twenty years. Bless he looked so sad.
One was a perfect gentleman but older than his years.
One had already let me down and once I'm hurt I'm best left alone.
Which left two.
Two possible princes.
Two choices.
One hard decision.

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