Monday, January 10, 2011

Socks and things

I have been busy. I have been blessed with some time off and I used it wisely to take the girls out and about and to do some knitting and reading. The reading you pretty much know about but the knitting has been quite different. I completed a pair of green anklet socks for youngest daughter. I thought I might be finished at this point but it would appear that every one in our House has developed a sock fetish and no-one is to be left out of the loop. All it would seem must be knitted a pair of socks.
New Year new challenges, I can meet this demand surely, I am a woman of some talent and knowledge, I know I can over come the dreadful second sock syndrome which I do suffer severely from, surely with two pairs under my belt it can be done. I feel vaguely confident.
I agree, rather too rapidly perhaps, that yes, everyone shall have socks! I hunt for patterns and needles and yarn. That was the fun part. I was almost lost for days in the raptures of rediscovering my stash. I re-arranged and stroked and deliberated over choices until I thought I had it all decided. I even emptied a suitcase in the process so now I have space for more yarn! Oh happy days indeed.
I emerged triumphant all ready to cast on. I showed the next recipient my choice of sock and watched her face plummet. She wanted the same sock as the other two girls. The same sock!! My face followed a similar descent to hers. Not TWO more of the same sock. What was this, Ground Hog day?

But I am a nice person and so I cast on for another sock
The pattern is Dolce
I used Sirdar Fair Isle for these which a very soft Acrylic mix. I like how they look even if I know the pattern off by heart at this stage.
To save my sanity from disappearing any further than it already has I also cast on for a nifty pair of Flip Flop socks. Yes you did read correctly, Flip Flop socks. Or Jandal socks if you're a kiwi, or thong socks if you're from Oz.


Bonnie said...

I can't wait to see the flip flop sock. Have you tried knitting both socks at the same time? For some reason I think is a book dedicated to knitting both socks at the same time. Happy sock knitting.

Thimbleanna said...

You're SO funny! I have faith that YOU can do this -- if you can knit sweaters and skirts, what are a few paltry socks???

t does wool said...

you have been busy!!
you can do it!!

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Nothing beats hand knit socks for pure comfort. How fun that everyone will be wearing new socks!

I'm feeling the itch to cast on myself - LOL

Linda said...

Oh well done, I am not sure I could cope with knitting four socks the same!

raining sheep said...

I will be very busy knitting socks as well soon. My mom phoned me today and requested some new pairs... she loves my handknit socks. Of course I can't refuse. I just have to try and fit it in between work, school, running, and life in general :) Happy 2011 by the way, I wish you the very best this year. Enjoy your sock knitting.

Jane said...

There is a sock book that knits two at a time but its on circular needles. I can scan the pattern and details for you if you would like to try. but I have to say i'm a dpn girl so i've never mastered the habit of two socks at a time. My best friend has though, which was who gave the pattern to me.
jane x

clothing label said...

I just adore this very cute knitted sock. You've done a very great job. It looks so comfy and stunning. I bet them indeed, You can do it. You've got one of a kind talent so it ain't impossible that you can't make it! I'm glad I came across this blog that really gave me productive thoughts.