Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wish list

Caught a glimpse of this good idea while out the other day. It was in the women's weekly magazine from the Uk which amazingly wasn't three months out of date. I have plenty of wool so even though I no longer live in good olde Blighty I want to do my bit. It's also good to see a celebrity like Paul O'Grady taking up this cause.
Had a great day, found an Aladdin's cave of a wool shop. Wool was jumbled everywhere, no order no grouping and while this would normally make me want to turn tail and head for my favourite Wild and Woolly on this occasion I was in woolly heaven. Here were the yarns that no one seems to want any more at bargain prices. My beloved Zhivago, Serenity, Snowflake and others. 100g balls for only $2.50. I had to be circumspect though DH was with me and he kept a stern eye on the pile of wool mounting up on the counter. He was right of course. There's no point adding to the already elephantine pile of stash, unless I can guarantee living to at least 106, which I have calculated is the minimum age required to finish half the projects on the wish list. So I bought some Serenity in pale pink. An 100g ball of blue Mill shop Baby Bubbles and Mill Shop baby kids in a pale green. These will make a hat or two and just possibly a baby jacket. I wish I'd bought enough of the blue to make a baby blanket but it's probably just as well I didn't. Bankruptcy isn't really the look I'm trying to cultivate.
Hoping to have one or two FO in the next few days.
Also saw this stunning bag while time wasting, I mean browsing the web and it is definitely on my wish list. Not just because of the colour but because it has pockets for your needles and everything else.

I found it here

What's on your wish list?


April said...

My wish list features a pink kitchen aid mixer..

April xx

dottycookie said...

Thank you for the link - I have lots of wool I will never use and this would be a good way to use some of it.

Thimbleanna said...

On my wish list is a visit someday down under -- totally not fiber related LOL.
My son is headed your way next week for a quick visit before he returns home from Sydney. I need to look at a map to see where you are related to where they're going -- they're going to Christchurch, Milfred Sounds and Queenstown. I have no idea how they picked what they did -- he's going with three girls and they each got to pick one place -- one picked bungy jumping (ack!) and one picked snowboarding. And I think some scenic visiting. Do you have any advice for the carefree and young???

Kitty said...

I couldn't fit my wish list in your comment box :-p x

LizzieJane said...

On my wish list is more time, so I could finish all my unfinished projects!