Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I am generally quite good at making a decision and then getting on with it. I like to be moving forward and making progress b...u...t there are times when the thing that has to be done has so little going for it that I fall into procrastination mode and end up doing all kinds of things that you wouldn't usually catch me doing in a month of cold wet Sundays. I realised quite by accident and because I am sad enough to have journalled about it that I normally do the same things.
Number one on my procrastination preference list is ironing. I hate ironing. I would rather pluck out hair from certain parts of my anatomy. but when I want to avoid doing something that's what I do.
Number two is organise my books into alphabetical order, or reverse order if that's already been done
Three Empty the cupboard in my room onto the bed and sort through all the clutter
Number four will see me cleaning the bathroom and the shower screen.
Number five has me rearranging furniture.
Number six go shopping even if I don't need anything. This is not nice shopping but supermarket shopping which I loathe.
All of the above take more time and energy than the original task would ever use up but logic seems to be in short supply at those moments and I am utterly convinced that it won't take long and then I'll get stuck into the task that I seem to be finding difficult.
At least being older and wiser means I tend to only do one of the above before getting stuck in. When I was younger I did all five and then went looking for something else to do.
Are you a procrastinator and if so what do you do instead of the task?


Alison Gibbs said...

Oh Alison maybe it is something to do with 'our name'. Sometimes I look at a job I should be doing - like ironing and think oh no I'll just get on the internet and check the blogs. So I too am a procrastinator.

raining sheep said...

I hate grocery shopping...I will eat porridge if it means avoiding a trip to the grocery store...I know - really bad!

Flavaknits said...

Cleaning -I hate ironing more than dusting and vacuuming! That or watch tv or go on the internet and spend money! hhhmmmm..... naughty me

Kitty said...

I procrastinate by logging on and surfing - when really I should be 'doing'. I do it all the time, and know I shouldn't. But I still do.


Country Cottage Chic said...

It has to be bad for me to want to iron!! When I'm cross I start cleaning, so I try not to get cross too often!

dottycookie said...

I'm getting better but I have to confess 'catching up on bloglines' is my most usual mode of procrastination these days!

Jane said...

Blogging and knitting or sewing is my procrastination from the ironing! Jane x

Liz said...

Um... those things you just listed would take me weeks. Seriously.

Angel Jem said...

Underwear drawer is procrastination of choice.....
Either that or I suddenly need to read a book I know I had years ago and may possibly hav eput in the attic, or was it a charity bag by which time the need/desire/reason to do anything has passed.

Queen of the froggers said...

I use cleaning as an excuse not to get on with study or work!!! I am learning though now to just get on with it as it is so much easier than feeling guilty for not doing things!
Thank you for the comment on my birds. x