Friday, February 29, 2008

What to read next

The Russian Concubine was thoroughly enjoyable. Very similar to White Gardenia.

Having really enjoyed Ben Elton's latest offering Blind Faith I couldn't wait to read another. for too long and for no reason I can now actually think off had I shunned this man's literary offerings. I managed to get hold of First Casualty quickly enough thanks to the very nice ladies we have at the base library and I enjoyed that too. I was all prepared for an Elton fest thinking that surely the shelves of the library would be groaning under copies of his works. Alas not to be, it would seem that everyone else is enjoying his writing every bit as much as me anda I'll have to resort to some good old fashioned waiting before I can contiune to acquaint myself with his books.
Still it does mean I can get on with some much neglected knitting. Currently three projects on the go, a jumper for my 18yr old son, a bolero cardigan for my youngest and a scarf for me I hope. Not to mention the jumper that is crying out to be blocked but that I have somehow stalled on. It's on the agenda for the weekend. Fingers crossed.
But in the meantime what to read next.

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