Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I hate New Year's Resolutions

Why Oh why oh why did I have to make a new Year's Resolution. Why couldn't I have done what everyone else does and ignore the event aside from several glasses of good quality alcohol and some magnificent fireworks.
Quite simply I should be certified and locked up for my own safety. I hope you are suitably intrigued now as to my current predicament. What have you done, I hear you shout, well figuratively I do. Well might you ask. I fear I must warn you if you are a book lover then the following recount is not pretty. Not pretty at all. I,,,I can barely bring myself to say it even here.
I made a resolution. That's not so bad, but wait there's more, definitely more. I resolved to not buy any more books until and this is the real crunch, until I have read all 67 of the unread books on my bookshelves. How could I have been so foolish? What was going through my head? I mean I do want to read those books, of course I do, each one is especially dear and special to me, I love them like they are my best friends, but I also like to add to their ranks, swell their numbers with new members and I can't. Because I made a stupid stupid resolution. I know I could break it, after all that's what they're for really isn't it. Secretly I mean. But I can't. I want to see if I can last out, if I can actually resist while I slowly make my way thorough the forgotten hoards. I see now just how easy it was to get to the grand total of 67 unread. Every time I go into a book shop and go into one I must, it seems that every one of my favourite authors, Dean Koontz, Stephen King, Sophie Kinesella, Joanne Trollope, have finally written something new. I think it's deliberate, a conspiracy, but where does that get me. Not near any new books that's for certain.
So my top 5 of books I would buy (if I could) would be;
The Darkest evening of the Year Dean Koontz
Duma Key Stephen King
Things I want my daughter to Know Elizabeth Noble
Remember Me Sophie Kinsella
Antony and Cleopatra Colleen McClough
So many to read and never enough hours in the day. It is torture I tell you.

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