Monday, March 12, 2012

Amber's House

It's hard to believe that Amber has only been with us for just over a week. It truly feels as though she has always been a part of the family. She caused major worries last Monday when she started sneezing and became lethargic and lost her appetite. A trip back to the SPCA confirmed that she had caught Cat Flu and was a poorly girl.

All Tuesday she was very sorry for herself and I fed her via syringe to ensure she didn't dehydrate on me. She was so gentle and submitted very willingly to being wrapped up like a baby in a towel and being fed cat milk.

The weekend saw a dramatic improvement in her health and she was even well enough to help the gruff man finish her play gym, which she promptly explored thoroughly and gave a huge thumbs up to.

She clearly had some ideas on how it should be built.

The man feels suitably pleased with himself.Everyone knows how hard cats are to please.


Willow said...

Amber, you are the cutest thing! Fortunately you were pleased with your new house. Enjoy your new position as queen of the castle.

Jane said...

What a lovely cat, so sorry to hear about Peri. I hope that your new cat friend helps the healing process with lots of cat cuddles and love Jane x