Friday, March 25, 2011

Principles of knitting

1. Yarn. Lots and lots and lots of yarn. Not just wool, but bamboo, cotton, soya.

2. Storage for number 1. Clean dry and moth proof. Also child proof and invisible to non knitters who cannot possible understand the need to have so much surplus yarn.

3. Courage to frog if necessary and to try new things.

4. Patience to know that every thing can be undone and that even mistakes teach us something about ourselves or our knitting. Throwing knitting while momentarily satisfying is bound to result in tears.

5. Time awareness. Always remember that time goes twice as fast as soon as you set a deadline so if possible avoid saying when you'll be finished with a project. or knit twice as fast. Giving up eating and sleeping could buy you some extra hours but may have other side effects.

6. Acceptance. If you don't want to spend time swatching then accept that at least some of the time you're going to end up with a garment the wrong size or shape. If you can love the process and accept the result all good.

7. Have fun. Sometimes we forget that we love knitting, especially when the pattern's wrong and we rip it out three times.

8. Gift your knitting to those who will love it. Anyone who is likely to boil your garment might be better off with a good book. One that tells them how to care for woollen garments.

9. Let go of your knitting. Once you have gifted your knitting to someone worthy you are no longer in control of what happens to it. Even if they boil it. See 8 and learn.

10. Be proud of your skill and the result. Wear garments with pride and knit in public because it's not illegal or anti-social. Unless you use your knitting needles to stab the next person who comments 'OH you're knitting" inthe same tone of voice that implies they've just trodden in something unmentionalbe. See 4.


Willow said...

I shall take these principles to heart, memorize them, and repeat them to myself when necessary. Especialy #4.

Bonnie said...

I love everything you said. Happy spring knitting! Bonnie

Catherine said...

OK - my marks out of 10...

I have a huge stash - it is stored in a big plastic box with a clip o lid - the box is opaque - I don't always show my DH what I buy - I don't swatch so I frog a fair bit - If I knit and give something that is hand wash I include a small bottle of no rinse hand wash in the parcel.

How am I doing? I'm not sure about the days I spend knitting or my time estimates! Time doesn't seem important when you are doing something you like!

Linda said...

Brilliant! the ya re all so true!

raining sheep said...

Oh so true on every count. Now if I only had time to knit. Knitting or reading a few blogs is my tradeoff. Hope you are having a great weekend. Tons of snow here. I have been shoveling all morning.

Thimbleanna said...

Haha -- wonderful principles. I especially love #9 -- that's one that's often hard to remember!

t does wool said...

perfect principles Ally~

Renee said...

oh so true !!