Thursday, June 3, 2010

Houston we have lift off

CNG and I have been living the dream just lately. Just last weekend we were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to go up in a Helicopter and fly over Auckland. I was pretty excited especially as the only other time I've been in a helicopter I was required to jump out into the freezing depths of water below. There's nothinglike a fear of heights and of being submerged to dampen even the most exuberant personality. We took CNG's brother and his two daughters, my daughter and of course CNG's daughter. My youngest is the smallest one looking away from the camera and Sophie is standing right next to her.

All the girls

We flew at about 1100 ft over the inactive volcano Rangitoto, it's the dark shadowy mound at the rear of the photo, over the North Shore Peninusula and our street and then around the Sky Tower. The photos were taken with my Iphone so not bad all things considering.

I love my man and I love how keen he is for me to knit for him but there are limits. This last creation was chosen by him entirely, pattern and yarn. However he then expected it to be ready in next to no time. The knitting part took just three weeks, but it then needed blocking. CNG understands the concept of blocking but not how long the process can take especially in winter with pure wool. Every hour for three days he kept checking and asking if it was dry. In the end I brought it to his house so he could monitor it personally. Thus I turned up one evening to find him wearing a still damp jumper.

Now I had no intention of knitting another jumper for him for quite a while. He's had two jumpers and a sleeveless vest, enough for any man surely and ample proof of my love and devotion not to mention my scorn at any sweater curse. Fingers crossed and touch wood! But then I saw this pattern and the pose made me think of CNG and the previous photo and I just knew I wanted to knit it for him.
This time I'm being canny. He doesn't know it's for him. He wanted a chocolate brown fisherman's rib, but I will need a long stay in a mental ward if I do any more ribbing. So I can knit away and not be asked how much longer. It will be a surprise.

This uses Sirdar's Crofter, an acrylic but let's just say I am a yarn slut and will use anything. It is very soft though and I love the way it creates Fair Isle without the tangles a dozen balls of yarns usually produces. It also goes a very long way, just 8 balls to do a man's jumper.

I am loving how it's turning out and even if CNG doesn't like it I'm sure I will want to wear it.
Now proof that I don't just knit for him and that I am not neglecting others in my family of lovingly created garments I cast on for a jumper for Daisy. This is another Sirdar yarn called Kisses which has a very subtle self striping efect that is scrumptious. The photo doesn't really show this at all. This colour makes me think of caramel and toffee. I've finished the front and back and have cast on for the sleeves. She is very excited as it's been a whilesince she had a jumper from me.

Daisy's jumper


Elizabeth said...

I love how sweater-crazy he is that he can't wait for one to dry before wearing it!(I hope he didn't stretch it out) He may wear you out with all the knitting.
I'm not going to ask why you had to jump out of a helicopter, just the thought gives me the heeby-jeebies.

Willow said...

Awww, that is such a cute story! Being so excited that he can't wait to wear the still damp sweater is deifinitely a winner.

I love love love helicopters! (Yes, I've had many a ride) But the jumping out? Not so much--in fact, probably never.

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

That jumper came out perfectly!!! It looks absolutely gorgeous on him. So cute that he loves your knitting so much. You have officially broken the sweater curse ;)

Thimbleanna said...

You always amaze me with your knitting! I can't believe how many sweaters you finish -- it takes me years to make just one! CNG's sweater looks fabulous!

LizzieJane said...

CNG is a very lucky man! The jumper is wonderful. You have to be one of the speediest knitters around. What a fun helicopter ride... I am positively envious!

Paige said...

Wow, I love the aerial photo - must've been an amazing little adventure for you and the girls!
That's so awesome that your man loves to wear your handknits...mine refuses to wear sweaters, handknit or not. He thinks he looks silly in sweaters, so I just knit him hats-n-scarves. Oh, but he really wants an afghan...would be nice, but I think I'd probably die of old age before I finished it!!

Jane said...

At least CNGis enthusiastic about your jumper knitting! The helicopter flight must have been amazing. Jane x

Kitty said...

That is so sweet that he's so keen for you to make stuff for him - and I think, values that you can, and do. I love the look of the new one you're knitting - some acrylics are just so scrummy now, aren't they? x

t does wool said...

he loves the knits...yay...
great sweater Allie...great story as well.

Linda said...

Fantastic flight there! I would love to do that.
Its so great your man loves your knits so much!

raining sheep said...

Hi, how are you. popping in very quickly as I am at work and absolutely swamped!! Life is crazy in my corner I barely have time to blog or read blogs :( I LOVE going up in a helicopter; the world just looks different from up there. Beautiful jumper and looks so good on him.