Sunday, August 10, 2008

Let the knitting begin

And the games of course. Stayed up until midnight here in NZ to watch the opening ceremony and was just blown away by the displays. It was quite amazing to see how many people they had performing in total unison. I can see just how China is able to become the single most powerful economy within the next ten years.
It is wondered then, when you see China's resources why they need to bother with Tibet, but I have to admit to being sorely ignorant of Chinese history and politics.
The main reason I stayed up so ridiculously late was in order to cast on two of my three projects for ravelympics.
I decided on Hey Teach as my entry for the vest vault. I like the cuteness of this but also its adaptability, wear it with a shirt or a singlet. Also being an ex teacher although still an educator of sorts I liked the title. I'm knitting mine in a bamboo/cotton blend and rather than going up to bigger needles, which I finds leads to loose stitches in this yarn, I'm just knitting a bigger size than I would normally knit.
I also cast on for the striped hoody cardigan from the Knitting institute
Yesterday (Saturday morning) I had done this much

Peri was hoping it was going to be a blanket for him. The original pattern had a blue stripe but I'm getting a bit bored with blue. I had the watermelon left over from Daisy's vest and thought it would liven up the cardigan.

I had also finished Daisy's vest top.

Daisy was very happy with her vest and had it on to pose for photos before I had even had a Chance to block it. It's another Sirdar pattern. I love the age range on their pattens 0-7 years. My youngest may be 7 but she's still wears 4-5 years. I did this in the age 6 and it has lots of room for her to grow. I used Wendy's Peter Pan, an acrylic mix but so soft. It was the colour that really grabbed my eye. Exactly like the inside of a ripe watermelon.

I am really liking the colour combination but DD Paige insists that having used the watermelon it must now be for a girl.

This was the progress made as at 8pm Sunday evening NZ time. The back, left front and half the right front done. Not to mention halfway up the back of Hey Teach. I had to make an emergency run to Spotlight after a little mathematical machinations revealed that I might not have enough yarn to complete Hey Teach. I needed 660 metres, but my bamboo cotton blend was only 75 metres. The problem was I only had five skeins. Eek. No way was I going to be able to get to Spotlight during the week and I couldn't bear to think of progress being held up for want of a few metres. I'll only be a minute I promised DH. Hmmm. He didn't trust me and insisted on coming in with me. Big mistake because now I wasn't feeling guilty about leaving him and Daisy waiting in the car I could actually browse. It was a different Spotlight to the one we usually visit and they had different yarn. I bought 5 balls of the bamboo/Cotton in a very subtle pink shade as I needed to replace the 5 I had decided to use for Teach. Well that's what I told myself anyway. Also bought some Inca which is going to be a present for DD next month. I am knitting the hoody and will present her with the pattern and wool for her to make the other top she liked.
I left feeling quite pleased with myself.
Spent much of the day knitting at the Auckland Botanical gardens. The sun was out to play for the first weekend in a month. Not that we can complain it is our winter here. Saw some wonderful tulips and Californian Poppies in bloom.

This sculpture is at the back of the visitor centre, if you sit in the cafe you are treated to a rear view! You can see the poppies in the background.
Well back to knitting. Enjoy what's left of your weekend and have a great Olympic week.
God bless everyone.


Tracy said...

We missed much of the opening ceremonies, but did see one of those highlights programs the day after, and just amazed! Just the vastness of it all was mind-blowing! Love all the knititng you've got going on here...Knitting is good for Oylmpic viewing :o) Happy weekend! ((HUGS))

Miss 376 said...

Good luck with the Olympic knitting. I have a day to make up for. Love the watermelon colour

leah said...

I have been thinking about making Hey teach too! Can't wait to see how yours turns out!

Elizabeth said...

It's amazing how much one can achieve when one is up in the late hours. Pity I fall asleep so easily after a couple of hours at night knitting.
I love Daisy modeling the vest, very sweet!
Hey Teach is a tempting pick.
Happy knitting!

dogwithbooks said...

Daisy is a hoot! I love the attitude and her hair rocks :)

Adrienne said...

I only hope to be able to knit beyond dishcloths and scarves one day! Wow - I can't wait to see your finished projects.

LizzieJane said...

I totally agree, I was blown away by the opening ceremony at the Olympics, sometimes it was hard to believe what your eyes were seeing.
Great knitting projects you have going on, looking forward to seeing them finished.

She'sSewPretty said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to comment on my blog. I am enjoying the opportunity to visit yours. I can't knit for beans but I do love to see someone else's results. And I do love to read. I'll have to check out some of the authors you have mentioned.

Wool Winder said...

Daisy is adorable in her vest! Good luck with your Olympic knitting.

woolanthropy said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog too. I love the Hey Teach pattern. I queued it up in Ravelry with my hundred plus other things I would love to knit. Can't wait to see how yours turns out.

raining sheep said...

You are so ambitious! I can barely finish a pair of socks right now...I am being so lazy, can't seem to knit, or take pictures I am happy with...blah! I like the vest you did.

Jane said...

Good Luck with your Olympic knitting. Daisy looks very cute in her vest top, Peri looks cute too. Jane x

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Good luck with all your knitting. It will be fun to see how much you accomplish.

Liz said...

Daisy is so adorable! She looks fab in that vest. Great color.

Ragged Roses said...

Well I think you deserve a gold medal for all that knitting!

LOUISE said...

Love Little Miss Watermelon, and the knitting too. I like how Peri has his own space on this blog now too. We haven't seen much of the Olympics, the live coverage starts at 2.50 am over here and then continues during the day. What a sculpture, I am so relieved we didn't get that rear view! x

Grace Yaskovic said...

Love the knitting, thinking about doing HeyTeach myself at some point in time, I must knit 8-10 hours a day and there still isn't enough time to knit all I want!!!!