Monday, September 17, 2007

My latest read

Have just finished reading Resurrectionist by James McGee and thoroughly enjoyed it despite the rather gruesome subject matter. Grave robbers were clearly big business in Victorian England, but this tale had enough of a plot to make it interesting and realistic. There were also connotations of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein in the plot. Can't wait to read Ratcatcher which is actually his first book but I like to do things backwards.

My friend just sent me a book for my birthday, The Shop on Blosson Street by Debbie Macomber which seems to unite my two most favourite things in the world, reading and knitting, and I have had on my shelf for over a year, yep you guessed it, the second one. Thank goodness I haven't read it yet. I now have the pleasure of reading both of them one after the other. Sheer bliss. Of course I might just have to get the animals to calm down in order to read. They all seem a little intent on reproducing just lately with puppys and bunnies galore. Just call me Noah

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